Day3 Springbok to Port Nolloth

As per usual I decided we had some time to spare so an ‘alternative’ route to the boring tar road was chosen.

It all started great with the spektakel pass.

Then the tar became gravel, which was still fine until Tracks4africa indicated a right turn through a farm gate with only jeep tracks. I new I was in poopoo with Charmain and it was gonna take a while (37km to be exact) to get out of it. With her sore back I understood her pain and did apologise once or twice …… every 10 meters 😉

She was brave and took it in her stride.

I am gonna stop boring you now and post pics taken on this road and let you decide if it was worth the agony.

Please notice the forgotten road signs of a previous era.

Did I mention a few pictures will have a Land Rover in it  😉

I nearly drove over this little oke Charmain would never have forgiven me.

Charmain took some stunning flower pics (sore back and all).

37 km later we hit the last piece of tar again a straight piece of tar about 30km long. Obviously some flowers along the way.

Port Nolloth was bigger than I expected.

Charmain got us this stunning beach house and I wish we could stay here longer. Some pictures of Port Nolloth and the Beach House.

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