Algeria and the cederberg.

After waking up to a spectacular view in Gecko Creek on my birthday we slowly packed and were on our way to Algeria rest camp in the Cederberg.

We crossed Niewoudtspass and when I pulled over to soak in the spectacular view I drove over a piece of wood that kicked up and made a nice dent in Lani’s door. 😦 Nice birthday present to myself.

We got stand number 16 which is totally secluded and it have the most picture perfect little stream that runs right past your campsite.


There are numerous hiking trails in the Cederberg and I can just imagine how spectacular the views must be. (No we did not hike, We did not have time, and I am a lazy bugger 😉 ).



Following is a collection of photos taken at Algeria. What a stunning campsite, and for most of the time it was completely empty.

The ablutions can do with a bit of a rethink/proper clean but for the rest it is as tranquil as one can get.

As per usual Charmain could not resist the flowers that were around.






I forgot to mention that the day we put up camp it was 37 degrees. Needless to say we did spend some time in this cool stream.


I got into the river to take the following picture.


We were at Algeria for 2 days but did pop out to Clanwilliam to do some shopping (had to by 15 metric tons of Rooibos tea) and obviously take a scenic drive as well 🙂


Spot the babe 😉

I would love to spend more time here since the rock formations are so interesting/photogenic.



OK thats enough for now, gotta get out of bed lots to see and lots to photograph. In the following post we are on our way to Calvinia and make a decision about the rest of our holiday with some awesome surprises. Brace yourselves for lots of stunning pictures.

Till later.


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One thought on “Algeria and the cederberg.

  1. Maretha Nel

    Dit is so baie mooi lekker jaloers. Maretha

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