Sutherland to Melton Wold

Even though I indicated that this will be the last post I discovered some more pictures I could bore you with šŸ˜‰

We left Sutherland with a sad heart and vowed to return soon. Made a last stop at SALT to buy some books and I had to grab these panoramas.

The Gravel road to Melton Wold just before Victoria West took us through Fraserburg.

Interesting is the fact that Fraserburg developed around the church rather than a small town deciding to build a church.

Following are some pictures taken on the road and in Fraserburg where we drank coffee at a very cute coffee shop.

We made a quick stop in Loxton where we had to wait for 2pm since the only ATM on Loxton is in a shop that closes between 1 and 2 pm šŸ™‚

We tackled the last part of travelling for the day to Melton Wold on tar and arrived at a farm rich in history.

The farmhouse dates back to the 1800’s and it is huge. The long hallways with there creaking yellowwood floorboards and the old gloomy feel to the place makes it an ideal setting for a horror movie šŸ™‚

Did I mention we were the only people in this house with its 23 rooms.

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3 thoughts on “Sutherland to Melton Wold

  1. Looks like you had a great trip with some very nice acommodations, great scenery, food, livations and most of all great company. I really love the architecture in this last post.

  2. Richard Lawson

    Some great photos

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