Namibia trip – day02-04 (Zeerust to Etosha)

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.19.19 AM

After all the outcries for photos, I decided to make this quick post. I still need to add photos from Charmain so please bear with me.

Day two was pretty uneventful except for the fact that I nearly lost the trailers keys. After an hour or so of frantic searching I found it locked inside the trailer on top of the fridge. Fortunately I had one extra key that fitted the locks for the fridge area.

Going through the border posts were a breeze and we were grateful for no long queues.

It was a long stretch through Botswana and actually pretty boring. We did stop from time to time to stretch legs and take  a pic or two.

Namibia 2013 6

My cousin Valmai going for the low angle shot.

Namibia 2013 12

An arty pic of the bridge.


We slept at Buitepos at a place called East Gate lodge. Clean and a welcome oasis after a long day on the road.

We left for the Waterberg Plateau the next morning and picked up our meat in Gobabis. Made a brief visit to Windhoek but escaped the hustle and bustle as soon as we could.

Our first night of camping at the Waterberg was stunning. It was a real pity we only had one night there but we had bigger plans.

Namibia 2013 20 Namibia 2013 23 Namibia 2013 420

Namibia 2013

Namibia 2013 425 Namibia 2013 429

Eventually we were on our way to Halali camp in Etosha.

Just a warning!!! If you dont want to see pictures of animals you will have to skip a few days posts 😉

The vastness and rugged beauty I will mention a few times more but with our entry we were transferred into a new type of paradise.

Namibia 2013 432 Namibia 2013 437 Namibia 2013 443 Namibia 2013 453 Namibia 2013 509 Namibia 2013 511 Namibia 2013 519 Namibia 2013 533

Namibia 2013 515

Our first evening at the waterhole at Halali we were entertained by some ellies and a black Rhino.

Namibia 2013 539 Namibia 2013 554 Namibia 2013 561 Namibia 2013 567 Namibia 2013 569

Namibia 2013 542

OK folks thats it for now.

Will make more Etosha posts later and add some pics from Charmain as well.

The next day can be found here.

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2 thoughts on “Namibia trip – day02-04 (Zeerust to Etosha)

  1. Tiny

    Absolutely awesome photo’s, Star trail photo is great

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