Namibia trip – Etosha – (Day06 – Part1)

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As promised a little more info regarding Halali camp where we stayed 3 nights.

The word Halali refers to the sound of a bugle or horn announcing the end of a days hunting, and I suppose the German soldiers that were posted here enjoyed the hunting until Governor Von Lindequist wisely declared the Etosha a game park and reserve. Halali is the newest of the camps in built the Etosha and was officially opened to tourists in 1967. It also has the largest swimming pool of the park camps. The facilities, like those of the other camps were completely refurbished in 2007, being the 100 years anniversary of the Etosha National Park. (Stolen from here

At the Halali camp we also had the ‘privilege’ to be visited every night by honey badgers that were scanning for some easy food. As you may know Honey badgers are very seldom seen in the wild and it was actually a treat to see these fellows around the camp(sorry no pics of them).

Namibia 2013 3

One of quite a few fuel stops. Filling up at Halali camp.

Namibia 2013 4

Having scanned through hundreds of photos and narrowing down pictures to post here it still came out to be quite a substantial amount – sigh-

Namibia 2013 3 Namibia 2013 19 Namibia 2013 21 Namibia 2013 33 Namibia 2013 43

Namibia 2013 11 Namibia 2013 50 Namibia 2013 61 (1) Namibia 2013 71 Namibia 2013 78

We were fortunate to see a few flamingos even though it was the dry season.

Namibia 2013 99 Namibia 2013 103 Namibia 2013 120

There is about 114 species of mammals in Etosha that include black face impala. There are no monkeys, hippos, buffalo or crocodile in the park, and surprisingly few warthogs. We saw more Cheetahs than warthogs 😉

Namibia 2013 46 Namibia 2013 61 Namibia 2013 80 Namibia 2013 89 Namibia 2013 101

Namibia 2013 38 Namibia 2013 58 Namibia 2013 146 Namibia 2013 169

Namibia 2013 77 Namibia 2013 156 Namibia 2013 173 Namibia 2013 207 Namibia 2013 216

Many of the photos were taken in harsh midday sun, but how can one resist to shoot pictures if wildlife is so to be found everywhere.

Namibia 2013 49 Namibia 2013 124 Namibia 2013 205 Namibia 2013 215 Namibia 2013 228 Namibia 2013 288

I am going to split the days photos here otherwise the mail that gets send to the subscribers gets too big.

Part2 can be found here.

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2 thoughts on “Namibia trip – Etosha – (Day06 – Part1)

  1. Marie le Grange

    Wow! Louis, jou fotos is werklik pragtig. Groete

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