Namibia Trip – Etosha to Swakopmund (day09 – part1).

I got quite a few requests to add a map of our travels. I will go back to my earlier posts and add maps.

To all of those that receive emails, remember the website has better quality pics than those included in the email.

After waking up our last morning in Etosha I got a hint from Lani that she was not ready to leave Etosha.

Her battery was flat. A friendly gent from Cape Town gave Lani a jump with his Disco 2 and we were ready to leave the park to a bit of civilisation.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 12.16.07 PM

Namibia 2013 2 Namibia 2013 4 (1) Namibia 2013 7 (1)

As can be seen on the map we had quite a distance to travel and we wish we had more time to explore some of the most interesting little towns.

One such little town is Omahuru. Wowww so much culture and art inter mingled with down to the ground friendliness is just such a rarity.

I am posting some pics taken along the way and sadly drive-by shots taken by Charmain of some interesting buildings where we did not have time to stop and explore.

Namibia 2013 4 Namibia 2013 13

Namibia 2013 7 Namibia 2013 13 (1) Namibia 2013 14 Namibia 2013 15 Namibia 2013 16 Namibia 2013 17 Namibia 2013 20 Namibia 2013 24 Namibia 2013 26

Peak hour at the mall 🙂

Namibia 2013 27

I need to add some random pics (mostly taken by Charmain) to make the virtual trip to Swakop a bit less boring 😉

Namibia 2013 28 Namibia 2013 31 Namibia 2013 34 Namibia 2013 38 Namibia 2013 39 Namibia 2013 46


We reached Swakop quite late and after about a week of camping it was really nice to soak in a hot bath.

Charmain booked us the most stunning apartment in Swakop. It was centrally located (between the pier and the aquarium) and the interior decorating was really stunning.

Namibia 2013 52 Namibia 2013 54 Namibia 2013 55 Namibia 2013 56 Namibia 2013 58 Namibia 2013 62 Namibia 2013 63 Namibia 2013 64 Namibia 2013 65 Namibia 2013 70 Namibia 2013 71 Namibia 2013 76 Namibia 2013 79 Namibia 2013 81 Namibia 2013 82

We ended the day at the well known and rebuilt Brauhaus for a hearty dinner.

In the next post we will show you lots more of Swakopmund with its stunning architecture.

Our day in Swakopmund.

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4 thoughts on “Namibia Trip – Etosha to Swakopmund (day09 – part1).

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  2. Marie le Grange

    Pragtige fotos, beslis n plek wat ek wil besoek.

    • Ek kan dit regtig aanbeveel, ekt gewens ons kon n week daar gebly het.
      Soveel om te sien en doen daar, en vroendelike mense!

  3. Namibia is really a perfect destination to enjoy holiday. If you want some adventure on your vacation than must visit Namibia.

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