Mauritius 2013 – Day1 & 2

Its been waaayyyy too long since the Lani site was last updated.

I apologise for that and hope to finish an account of our great time in Mauritius soon.

We once again had a great time with Anika and Tiny and this time we explored some places we have not been to before.

The first two days we lazed around and met all the great friends of A&T. We obviously went to the beach and I was keen to try out my new Canon 6d Charmain bought me for my birthday.

IMG 5647 HDR

Mauritius 2013 L 23


Mauritius 2013 L 15

We visited the fresh produce market and the vibrant colours were so photogenic.

Mauritius 2013 L 29





On Monday morning we missed photographing Tiny when he came in to land 😦 (Sorry Soutie). I did get this one of him in the action packed act of taxiiing.

Mauritius 2013 L 3

After that bad timing of a photoshoot we went to the weekly (yaaawwwnnn) market where you could haggle over the price of mostly chinese trash.

Mauritian apparel were few and far between.

Mauritius 2013 L 11

Mauritius 2013 L 12

Mauritius 2013 L 14

Mauritius 2013 L 17

Mauritius 2013 L 18

I had the chance to try out my new camera with Tiny’s 100-400mm lens, and even though the reach was a little short sometimes I was really impressed with the sharpness.

Here are some pics of Tiny and another ‘nice’ kite surfer 😉

Mauritius 2013 L 60

Mauritius 2013 L 142

In the distance you can see another island we will visit on our last day of the holiday. More about that later.

Mauritius 2013 L 261

Mauritius 2013 L 277

I would like to end my report of our first two days with one of my favourite shots taken in these two days.

Hope to post more soon.

IMG 5641  Version 2

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4 thoughts on “Mauritius 2013 – Day1 & 2


    Awesome pics….just such a pitty it went far to quick

  2. Willem

    Awesome pics!

    Dit vat my terug in tyd tot ons wittebrood 13 jaar terug. Dis altyd die kontras van Mauritius, tussen die 5 ster resorts is daar maar “locals” wat die nie breed het nie.

  3. Anika

    Wooooow AWESOME pics kan nie wag vir die volgendes nie…. 😉 YEAHHH!! Was so n lekker vakansie!!!

  4. Charmain

    Awesome pics en post my Lief, ugh voel te lank terug maar love die memories, dankie xx

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