Mauritius 2013 – Day3 (part2)

After our detour at the shippie shop our next port of call was the tea plantation.

With the rain still coming down in buckets (Patrick even had to engage 4×4 to get out of the parking lot-then again it is a Ford- 😜) we did our tea-tasting session at a very scenic spot. Unfortunately pictures could not be taken, but don’t despair we did go back another day to take some photos.

Mauritius 2013 L 77

Mauritius 2013 L 79

Mauritius 2013 L 81

Mauritius 2013 L 82

Mauritius 2013 L 89

Mauritius 2013 L 94

Mauritius 2013 L 95

Part of the tour was a lunch that was at the rummery in another of the families homes. Fortunately we had some lunch before our rum tasting session.

Mauritius 2013 L 97

Mauritius 2013 L 100

Mauritius 2013 L 109

Mauritius 2013 L 112

Mauritius 2013 L 117

After once again being captivated by the sheer splendour of these old houses we went for a sip of the different varieties of rum. Dont let the fact that it is made out of sugarcane give you the impression that it is even slightly sweet.

Mauritius 2013 L 121

Mauritius 2013 L 124

Also on the farm were vanilla and Anthurium nurseries. Our day came to a very satisfied end exploring lesser known parts of Mauritius.

Mauritius 2013 L 126

Mauritius 2013 L 136

Mauritius 2013 L 128

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2 thoughts on “Mauritius 2013 – Day3 (part2)

  1. Willem

    La maisson de la Vanille- the House/Home of Vanilla

    Kan net lekker wees!

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