Mauritius 2013 – Day 7

As promised we did go back to Bois Cheri and we also explored the Black river Gorges with waterfalls aplenty.

The scenery was breathtaking and the views spectacular.

Mauritius day7 11

Mauritius day7 12

Mauritius day7 10

Mauritius day7 18

Mauritius day7 19

Mauritius day7 20

Mauritius day7 17

Mauritius day7 21

On our way over the mountain we stumbled upon the Lord Shiva statue. It is an impressive statue standing close to 33 metres high. More can be read about it here:


Mauritius day7 22

Mauritius day7 23

Le Bois Cheri tea farm, so many photo opportunities.

Mauritius day7 25


Mauritius day7 28

Mauritius day7 27

Mauritius day7 26

Mauritius day7 3

Mauritius day7 2

Mauritius day7 1

The drive over the mountain was such a delight and I would love to drive it with something like my old Subaru STi. 🙂

Once again the views on the other side towards Le Morne is much more beautifull than can be captured in a photo.

Mauritius day7 16

Mauritius day7 15

We spent the afternoon on the beach basking in the sun and enjoying the warm water.

Mauritius day7 14

Mauritius day7 4

Back in Blue Bay we had to use the last light to grab some last photos for the day.

Mauritius day7 6

Mauritius day7 5

In my last post on this holiday I will share our day out on a boat. It was a super memorable day, but more about that later.

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2 thoughts on “Mauritius 2013 – Day 7

  1. Charmain

    Stunning, die pics is stunning!

  2. Phillip

    Regtig nice pics. Pragtige plek

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