Sani Weekend – Post 5 (round and about)

Even though driving Sani Pass was the highlight of our long weekend we still had time on our hands to drive around the Underburg/Himeville area to explore.

We attended the Himeville Christmas fete the Saturday morning. A very strict (read sourpuss) old lady made sure we entered at exactly 9 o’clock the morning and not a minute before 🙂

Sanic 37

The stuff on display was typical home-craft goodies and mingling with the locals was quite a pleasant experience.

Sanic 38

Sanic 39

Sanic 40

Sanic 41

Sanic 42

Sanic 43

Sanic 44

We took random roads during this weekend and stumbled upon some stunning scenes.

Sani pass 7

Sani pass 9  1

Sani pass 10

Sani pass 11  2

Sanic 36

Sanic 45

Sanic 46

Sanic 47

Sanic 48

Sani pass 130

Sani pass 131

Sani pass

We stopped at a few roadside eateries and curio type shops to have some drinks and eats. The area is scattered with similar places and once again it is impossible to show everything. This farm was the starting hub for quite a few MTB trails and the kids(and Charmain) enjoyed feeding the animals.


Sani  1

Sanic 49

Sanic 50

We stumbled upon Castleburn and in less than 2 weeks time we will visit it with our kids that will have a holiday there.

Sanic 51

Sanic 52

Sanic 53

Sanic 54

Nearly at the end of our stay at the Sani Pass hotel we took the walk to a waterfall on their premises. Wowwww!! will have to go back there one day to take some decent pictures. Here is a taste of what we saw.

Sani pass 107

Sani pass 111

Sani pass  2

IMG 7749 HDR

I would like to end this trip report with some last pics taken and once again thank my travel companion, friend, sponsor, gaffer and love of my life for sharing every magical moment with me.

Looking forward to our trip to the area of Rhodes in less than 2 weeks time.

IMG 7312 HDR

Sani pano1

IMG 7299 HDR

IMG 7732 HDR

IMG 7277 HDR


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One thought on “Sani Weekend – Post 5 (round and about)

  1. Charmain

    Ahh… thanks to you its ALWAYS an experiance, and thanks for all your hard work with the posts!!
    You ROCK!!

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