Drakensberg-Bloemfontein trip – Post1

What started off as a breakaway weekend with the kids ended up as a two week trip 🙂

Lets start at the beginning. Carli and Tertius booked themselves a week at Castle Burn resort in the Drakensberg and invited us to spend the weekend with them. When we accepted the invitation we decided to stay a few days extra to make it worth the trip.

Charmain had to be in Bloemfontein a week later and thus the long weekend was extended. A route was planned to end up in Bloem a week later.

More about how our plans got shuffled and hijacked in later posts.

Our stay at Castle Burn was great. We can highly recommend it and could not fault anything. Charmain had the chance to try some fly fishing while I was constantly looking for some photo opportunities to test my new camera and lens.

Castle Burn 2

Castle Burn 6

Castle Burn 8349

Castle Burn 8353

Castle Burn 8375

Castle Burn 3

Castle Burn 8148

Castle Burn

Castle Burn 5

I spent quite a few hours at this little river to get a decent picture or two. An early rise one morning rewarded me with some nice clouds.

Castle Burn 4

Castle Burn 9

Castle Burn 11

Castle Burn 10

It was full moon while we were there. I did not really have a long enough lens to really capture the moon in this stunning setting. I still had to try though. 🙂

Castle Burn 8168

One late afternoon while the sun was setting we noticed some spectacular colours in the clouds. Charmain ‘demanded’ that I at least try and take a picture. Problem being twofold. Firstly as you may know these spectacles mother nature performs only last a very short time, and secondly I was not sure where to get a foreground?

I jumped into the Lani and about 300 metres down the road I saw the resort horses grazing, and I knew, this will be my only chance since the magic was going and it was getting dark very fast.

I exposed a few snaps for the clouds since I knew I would be able to lighten the foreground later. Shutter speeds were slow and with the horses moving around I only got two photos where the horses were not blurred.

I think they came out great and I need to thank Charmain for ‘demanding’ some pics 😉

Castle Burn 7

Castle Burn 8

While spending time with the kids we could not let the chance slip to take them up Sani Pass.

More about that in the next post.

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7 thoughts on “Drakensberg-Bloemfontein trip – Post1

  1. Willem

    Baie mooi fotos! Spesiale tye saam met familie…

  2. Marie le Grange

    Ongelooflike mooi fotos

  3. Carli

    Awesome pics, veral die perde fotos. Kan nie wag vir die res. 🙂

  4. Absoluut pragtige fotos! Ons het pas teruggekeer van Giant’s Castle in die Drakensberge en hoe verlang ek nou terug!

  5. Kevin

    Brilliant photos , thanks for sharing , now next time a fly fishing rod will add to already stunning pics

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