Drakensberg-Bloemfontein trip – Post2

As mentioned in the previous post we just had to travel up Sani Pass again. It is one of the most scenic routes we have ever travelled in SA.

Our previous Sani trip can be seen here.

Also in my previous post you would have noticed not one Picture of Lani, so I need to start rectifying that starting in this post. 🙂

I had to dip into Charmain’s photos since I did not take that many on this specific day (thanks babe).

Drak RhodesC 1010778

Drak RhodesC 1010781

Drak RhodesC 1010786

Drak RhodesC 1010805

Drak RhodesC 1010831

Drak RhodesC 1010875

Drak RhodesC 1010876

Drak RhodesC 1010882

Drak RhodesC 1010892

Drak RhodesC 1010906

Drak RhodesC 1010916

IMG 8197

IMG 8194

IMG 8206

In the next post we will leave the familiar area of Sani and leave the kids at Castle Burn.

We will explore some brand new passes and end up at a spectacular hotel in the mountains.

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One thought on “Drakensberg-Bloemfontein trip – Post2

  1. Richard

    Great pictures once again

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