Drakensberg-Bloemfontein trip – Post3

There are few experiences as exhilarating as driving a road that you have not driven before. For us it is the closest we can get to exploring unknown territory in an environment that is mapped to the last little bend on every gravel road or jeep track. It is with this sense of exploring that me and Charmain, left the kids on our way to the Eastern Cape. It would be the last day we would travel on a tar road for close to a week.

Our route for the day will take us around Lesotho and we would pass some bucketlist passes like Qachas nek and Ongeluksnek pass. We would venture over Pitseng and Naudes nek passes though.

Screenshot 2014 04 30 06 33 59

We would venture through some interesting little towns before we would reach the stunning countryside and breathtaking mountains that will guard over us for the next week.

Untitled 1010980 2

Untitled 1010982 2

Untitled 1010981 2

Untitled 1010983 2

Untitled 1010978 2

We grabbed a bite to eat at this setting next to the road. Even though the panorama picture (spot the sheep to get an idea of the vastness) does not look like much the sense of openness and vastness was captivating.

Drak Rhodes 8473 Edit

Traveling in the Lani is an absolute pleasure and the newly fitted 2nd battery seems to be working fine. She was really purring like a kitten with no hint of what was to come in a few days time.

Drak Rhodes 8486

Drak Rhodes 8488

Drak Rhodes 8490

Drak Rhodes 8493

We were traveling through some beautifull countryside with a photo opportunity around every corner.

Drak Rhodes 8487

Drak Rhodes 8496

Untitled 1020019 2

Drak Rhodes 8504

We stumbled upon this nice little waterfall right next to the road.

Drak Rhodes 8509 HDR

Drak Rhodes 8495

Our desire to travel the roads less traveled was being fulfilled with less cars being seen the further we ventured.

Drak Rhodes 8516

Drak Rhodes 8523

Drak Rhodes 8521

Drak Rhodes 8517

Pitseng pano

Drak Rhodes 8534

After going over Pitseng pass we reached the foot of Naude’s neck pass (2nd highest dirt road in SA). With every turn that we went up higher the views got better.

Untitled 1020046 2

Drak Rhodes 8535 Edit

Drak Rhodes 8543

Untitled 1020054 2

Untitled 1020060 2

Drak Rhodes 8539

Drak Rhodes 8552

Untitled 1020068

In this photograph a broken stone wall can be seen close to the top of the pass. We would later find out that the reparation is being disputed between the people maintaing the roads and the National heritage trust.

Drak Rhodes 8547 Edit

At the top of Naude’s Neck pass was our next destination where we would be treated for a day or two. It is one of the most secluded and luxurious places we have ever stayed at.

We will tell (and show) you much more about this gem in the next post.






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  1. Willem

    Baie mooi fotos!

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