Drakensberg-Bloemfontein trip – Post 4

Just a quick post about a spectacular place at the top of Naude’s neck pass.

If ever there was a place in the mountains away from it all this must be it. Situated about 35 km(more than an hours drive) from the nearest civilisation(Rhodes) Tenahead is just jaw dropping beautifull.

The decor, personnel and setting is out of this world. Our stay was unfortunately cut short (more about that in a later post).

Please excuse the overly done HDR photos but that was the only way I could include the inside decor with the spectacular views.

Tennahead 1020077

Tennahead 1020097

The Spa.

Tennahead 8622

Tennahead 1020099

Tennahead 1020105

Tennahead 1020107

Tennahead 8612

Tennahead 8587

Tennahead 8586

Tennahead 8584

Tennahead 8609

The Bell river has its origin very close to Tenahead

Tennahead 2

Tennahead 8616

Tennahead 3

Tennahead 4

Tennahead 5

Tennahead 6

Our room and the view.

Tennahead 7

Tennahead 10


Tennahead 9

Tennahead 8

In my next post we will take 3 hours to travel 26km. See some mind blowing views and explore Rhodes.

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One thought on “Drakensberg-Bloemfontein trip – Post 4

  1. marie le grange

    Sjoe dis beautiful.

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