Drakensberg-Bloemfontein trip – Post 5

After spending a day lazing around Tenahead it was time to explore our surroundings. We decided to take a ‘little’ circle route taking the road less traveled towards Tiffendell, traversing Carlisle hoek pass to Rhodes and then back to Tenahead via the part of Naudes neck pass we havent travelled on yet.

Screenshot 2014 05 27 12 30 22

As often happens my perception of how long it should take to travel 26km differed from the reality. It took us about 3 hours to reach Tiffendell due to lots of stops to take photos and slow going because of mud and washed away jeep tracks. It is a wonderful piece of ‘road’ with stunning views and complete remoteness (which we so love.).

Tennahead 8633

Tennahead 8635

Tennahead 8639

Tennahead 1020116

Tennahead 1020119

Tennahead 1020120

Tennahead 1020124

Tennahead 1020125

Tennahead 1020127

Tennahead 1020128

Tennahead 1020131

Tennahead 1020144

Tennahead 1020145

Tennahead 8641

Tennahead 8646

Tennahead 8648

Tennahead 8651

Tennahead 8652

We stopped at Tiffendel and to say that we were shocked is an understatement. We met a very nice young man there and he informed us of the financial woes of the place.

We hope that it will pick up again since it does have potential to be a stunning place. Unfortunately we did not take any pictures while we were there.

Fro Tiffendell we traveled down Carlisle hoek pass which is rated as one of the steepest passes in South Africa. Fortunately it has a cement surface on the steepest portions.

Tennahead 8656

Tennahead 8657

Tennahead 8659

This pass took us down to the wonderful little hamlet of Rhodes. We will see a lot more of this cute little town in the next few days. More about that later.

Lani was running under a quarter tank and I decided to add some fuel at the only fuel supply in the town. Unfortunately they were out of fuel but indicated I can come back the following day when they would have fueled up again.

Tennahead 8663

Tennahead 8664

Tennahead 8665

Tennahead 8667

Tennahead 8668

Tennahead 8672

In the next post Charmain will catch some trout and Lani will get sick.

Till the next post.

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