Drakensberg-Bloem-Augrabies trip – Post 9 (final)

Last post on this memorable trip. It is very difficult to choose pictures since we just love every aspect of the park. 

The god forsaken beauty and dryness in contrast with the thundering power of the falls is truly humbling and a place to do some soul searching.

I was grateful to share this beauty with Charmain and as always she was an awesome travel companion.

As mentioned the water levels were high and the falls spectacular. 

Augrabies 2

Augrabies 10

Augrabies 11

Augrabies 5

Augrabies 6

Augrabies 4

Augrabies 13


Augrabies 9352

Augrabies 16

Augrabies 14

Apologies but I need to post some more park pictures 😉

Augrabies 12

Augrabies 9177

Augrabies 3

Augrabies 9324

We had an exclusive opportunity after speaking to a few people to take a star photo in the park. Before leaving Bloem I realised that we are going to have a dark moon, making a star photo a bit easier.

After founding a tree that was earmarked as perfect for a star photo I went about begging to be allowed into the park at night.

I eventually got a window for an hour between 9 and 10 pm. At least 40 minutes was used to travel to the spot and after Charmain and I got lost on foot we ended up with only about 10 minutes to take some pictures.

Charmain was in charge of the reflector and the flash and after about three shots we got what we were looking for.

I really like this shot and once again I could not have done it alone. Thanks for the assistance babe.

Augrabies 9378

Too soon our stay was over and we had to head back to smoggy Gauteng 😦

Got some nice pictures and collected awesome memories.

Last pic taken on our way home.

Augrabies 18


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2 thoughts on “Drakensberg-Bloem-Augrabies trip – Post 9 (final)

  1. Willem

    Wow! Mooi fotos… wens ons kon sulke sterre sien hier in Gauteng.

  2. Thanks Willem waardeer.

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