Botswana trip – Day 3 – woodlands to Senyati

We left Bua Nnete early to get through the border post asap. Filled the Lani at the ‘Kooperasie’ and went through the border without a hicth.

The road was ok’ish with quite a bit of roadworks and patches bad with potholes.

Had a headwind the whole day and consumption dropped to 16.3l/100km.

Made a pitstop in Francistown to pick up a 3g data card and popped in at the airport to draw some Pula’s.

Bots 2025

We reached Woodlands and it is the ideal place for a stopover. We decided to book into one of the chalets and leave the camping for our next stop Senyati.

Bots 2026

Bots 2028

The next day we left early for Senyati and as can be seen by the map we will be travelling through quite a few ‘green’ areas 🙂

Screenshot 2015 04 28 08 35 14

Screenshot 2015 04 28 08 35 54

We were really leaving civilisation and for long stretches the road belonged to only us.

Just after passing our first Elephant road sign a Black Mamba tried to cross the road. He realised that he will loose the battle with the Lani and made a u-turn(I think I missed it).

Bots 2044

And then still 230km from Kasane we saw this 🙂 The real mccoy between the graphics on the trailer and the Lani.

Bots 2040

As per usual we stopped often to stretch some legs.

Bots 2045

Bots 2034

We arrived at Senyati and after making camp (will post pictures later of our campsite) we had to explore the famous waterhole and the bunker.

Bots 6867

Grabbed some pictures to get into my photography rhythm(that usually takes a day or two).

Bots 2049

Watched some bird porn.

Bots 2051

Bots 2058

Bots 2065

Bots 2094

What you looking at??? Huh??

Bots 2120

First Ellie at the waterhole. After this it seems like the elephants prefer to visit at night when taking photographs are very difficult.

Bots 2102

On our first night we were also entertained by a herd of over a hundred buffalo. (Sorry no pics).

We went to bed very excited of what might lie ahead. We did not have a good nights sleep since the animals were making such a noise. Not that we really mind.

In our next post we will explore Kasane and take a spin on a boat.

More later.


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2 thoughts on “Botswana trip – Day 3 – woodlands to Senyati

  1. Willem

    Geniet dit “saam” met julle… Die bosveld het ‘n mooi van sy eie.

  2. Carli

    Awesome post, beste een nog!!!
    Ek super jaloers, wens ek kon al die diere hoor in die nag terwyl net in n tent…
    Kan nie wag vir al die dotos nie.

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