Botswana trip – Day 4 – Kasane boat cruise

Its been a while since our last post and a lot has happened since this post but more about that in other posts.

Our first night at Senyati was not very restfull as mentioned but the next day we were up early and drove to Kasane.

This little town is on the edge of the Chobe river and the setting is idyllic with elephants and warthogs quite a common sight.

We booked a place on a big cruise boat to see the sun set in Botswana.

Even though our wildlife sightings will become better our first outing was truly magical and we felt privileged to experience it.

Lets check some pictures.

Bots 2129

Bots 2135

Bots 2147

Bots 2158

Check the crocs.

Bots 2170

Bots 2209

Bots 2224

Bots 2173

The elephant pulls the grass out and give it a few swats to clean out the mud before munching it down.

Bots 2238

Bots 2400

Bots 2175

Bots 2261

Somebody found us much more boring than we found them.

Bots 2386

Bots 2392

Bots 2393

Check my eye-lashes!

Bots 2314

Bots 2433

Bots 2547

Bots 2481

Bots 2261

Bots 2589

I know, I know but please allow one more elephant picture.

Bots 2619

And then the sun set on a great day.

Bots 2655

In the next post we will meet G, try our hand at fishing, but will be outdone by a small bird and I have the photo(s) tp proof it.

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One thought on “Botswana trip – Day 4 – Kasane boat cruise

  1. Frans

    This is seriously beautiful pictures … Thanks for sharing with us…

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