Botswana trip – Day 5 – Chobe fishing trip

After our great trip on the big cruiser we pitched up at Senyati to the following scene at the waterhole.

I quite like my low light handheld Ellie pic.

Bots 2665

We also booked a trip with a guy on a boat to take Charmain to try her hand at Tiger fishing. G turned out to be so much more than a fishing guide. His knowledge about wildlife and subjects surrounding Botswana and Kasane was enlightening.

Bots 2675

Bots 2677

G was also quite a good skipper as we would find out later (more in the next post) and he soon picked up a nice water lilly and made Charmain a necklace.

Bots 2681

The water looks so ibviting to take a swim but the crocs keeps one from taking the plunge.

Bots 2684

Unfortunately it was a bad day for fishing even though I did get a big one that got away (yes I know its an old fishermans story) πŸ˜‰

On the other hand I was able to grab some decent pictures of fishers that were more successful than we were.

The birdlife in this place is mind blowing.

Please excuse the more than one pic of the same bird. If one takes a gazillion pictures of the same one it is difficult to choose only one.

Bots 2711

Bots 2774

Bots 2821

Bots 2873

Bots 2890

Bots 2838

Bots 2886

After our too short trip with G, we booked him again the following day to take us on a wildlife viewing bonanza.

The photo opportunities were staggering and I ended up taking over a thousand pics. The most I have ever taken in one day.

It is a mammoth task to work through them and pic the best ones. Unfortunately this is all for now.


Bots 2893

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9 thoughts on “Botswana trip – Day 5 – Chobe fishing trip

  1. Frans

    Wow…. its breathtaking. ….

    • Thanks for the kind words Frans. Always appreciate the comments.

      • Frans

        Haha en daar praat julle afrikaans ook, ons het nog nie die voorreg gehad om daai wereld te besoek nie, so ons geniet dit so saam julle. ..

  2. Anton

    Awesome fotos swaer! Dit lyk darem so blerrie lekker!

  3. Hannes

    Mooi fotos en nice trip. Ek pak sommer more die kar. Was laas in 2008 daar gewees.

  4. Maria

    Absolutely beautiful!!!

  5. Dirk

    How can one “book” G?


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