Botswana trip – Day 6 – Senyati and another boat trip.

(For those receiving the Lani posts via email, remember the photos are in much better resolution on the website)

As promised in our last post this post will have a bit more about our guide G and lots of wildlife pictures.

Before we get to that though allow me to post a few photos and thoughts about Senyati.

It is a campsite about 10km from Kasane and each camping stand has its own private ablution block. It is not the most modern with the latest Italian taps and showerheads , but then that is not the reason we were here.

Bots 2944

We had an awesome spot at campsite number 1 in the shade and closest to their famous little waterhole.

Bots 2943

Bots 2946

Out of that kitchen side of our trailer many delicious meals emerge and this specific morning Charmain made us some nummy flapjacks.

Carli(our eldest) pre-mixed some ingredients for us and Charmain did the rest. (Note the suprise little letter Carli added to the ingredients. Sure it made it taste better).

Bots 2950

Bots 2954

Some pics of the reception/shop and deck area at the waterhole.

Bots 2956

Bots 2957

Bots 2958

Bots 2959

Bots 2960

The evening before our second boat trip with G we were once again entertained in the camp by quite a big herd of Baufallo.

Bots 2895

Bots 2897

Bots 2912

I was looking to go on one of the photographic boats that is operating around Kasane. It did not seem as though I am going to have joy and we decided to give G a shot at playing photographic guide for our shoot.

He was amazing.

He knew from which side to approach the wildlife. He knew how long to stay at a specific spot. He manouvred the boat into spots I did not think he will be able to get out again.

He also knew the animals and birds very well as well as their behavior.

I could not have asked for a better guide at all.

I ended up shooting over a thousand photos during the time with him and to work through and pick the best ones is a mammoth task I still haven’t completed.

I am going to split this days post into a few and bore you all to death with many shots. 🙂

Bots 2984

Bots 3006

Bots 2993

Bots 3027

Bots 3085

Bots 3010

Bots 3113

Bots 3179

Bots 3119

Bots 3195

Bots 3104

Bots 3212

Ok thats all for now.

Tomorrow we are leaving for our last part of the trip where we dont have any power or communication.

I will try and make one more post tonight since the posts now lag about 8 days behind.

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3 thoughts on “Botswana trip – Day 6 – Senyati and another boat trip.

  1. Pa & Ma

    Hi Julle dit lyk baie mooi en interessant julle moet dit vir ons part ook geniet. Liefde

  2. Andre Scholtz

    Hi, awesome trip report. What was the rate for the fishing boat with G? Did you book him through the lodge? Do you have contact details for him?


    • Hi Andre,
      thanks. Longish story but in short you can phone him on 26773069525.
      At first when you meet him he seems a bit ‘quiet’ but talk to him and ask lots of questions.
      He has access to different boats. He switched boats between our fishing and photographic trips.


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