Botswana trip – Day 6 – Best boat trip ever.(The Fish eagle edition)

As promised the second portion of our boat trip with G.

As I write this we are home and I must confess this will be the best photos you will see on this trip. Also think this might have been one of the highlights of our close to 3 week trip.

I must warn you that if you dont want to see many fish eagle photos dont look any further. 🙂

Since I already sang the praises of G I will not do it any more. Just want to say without him none of the following photos would be possible.

Bots 3225

Bots 3326

Bots 3235

Meet Kobus. We were privileged to see a Puku.

Bots 3257

Bots 3296

And some more fish eagles. 😉

Bots 3309

Bots 3330

Bots 3525

Bots 3547

Bots 3558

Bots 3438

Bots 3359

Bots 3615

Bots 3648

Bots 3652

I did warn you guys. -blush-

Bots 3303

Bots 3462

This went on our bucketlist while we were there.

Bots 3754

Bots 3708


Bots 3846

Bots 3605

Bots 3817

Bots 3879

Seeing an elephant swim was so special since we have never seen it before.

Bots 3919

Bots 3791

Bots 3776

Bots 3721

Bots 3910

Bots 3690

Bots 3801

Last two I promise.

Bots 3307

Bots 3436

And then the sun set on an unforgettable day.

Bots 3999




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6 thoughts on “Botswana trip – Day 6 – Best boat trip ever.(The Fish eagle edition)

  1. Willem

    Wow! Dis werklik pragtige fotos… jy moet ‘n koffietafelboek uitbring. Ek sal sit koop!

  2. Frans

    Dis stunning. … en n mens kan nie moeg raak van Eagles nie… hulle is so mooi. ..
    Eks bly julle is veilig tuis en sien uit na die posts wat nog sal volg….

  3. erich

    Ek weet visarende is baie fotogenies en dis moeilik om “genoeg” fotos te neem …..maar daai lelkraanvoël is baaaie spesiaal – hulle is hoogs bedreig en seldsaam en dit bly n stunning spot !

  4. Ockie Botha

    Your photos are a real pleasure to the eye,,, a few good action shots,,, fanx

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