Botswana trip – Ihaha

It has been a while since the last post.

We are back in ‘civilisation’ and the daily grind has interfered with posts being more often.

We left Senyati our next destination Ihaha. A short distance but a slow drive because it is so scenic.

Screenshot 2015 05 29 08 27 16

Screenshot 2015 05 29 08 27 43

lets first get the negatives out of the way before we continue with the awesome stuff.

The monkeys and baboons are an annoyance but since we visit there home one try to deter them from sleeping in your camping tree as far as possible. They will take any chance to grab stuff from your kitchen.

The robbery at Ihaha has been published extensively and we can honestly say we did not feel unsafe at any stage. Hourly patrols were done every night and even though it distracted from the peacefulness it did make sleeping easier.

Even though we are fully kitted to be totally self sufficient one does use the facilities if they are available. The ablutions at Ihaha is in need of some maintenance.

On our way to Ihaha having a snack.

Bots ihaha 4038

Bots ihaha 4041

Arriving at the gate.

Bots ihaha 32

Once again we were blown away by the birds and wildlife. 

I eventually got some pics that was taken by Charmain to include in the post. Apologies for flooding you once again with wildlife pictures but believe me many was left out and did not make the cut.

Bots ihaha 78

Bots ihaha 96

Bots ihaha 4044

Bots ihaha 4020

Bots ihaha 4057

Bots ihaha 4089

Bots ihaha 75

To give you an idea of how abundant the wildlife is. Charmain lined these four up in one picture.

Bots ihaha 17

And some more great sighting photos.

Bots ihaha 4108

Bots ihaha 4163

Bots ihaha 4378

Our only time spotting some Lechwe.

Bots ihaha 4379

Some Giraffe foreplay.

Bots ihaha 4188

Bots ihaha 4196

Bots ihaha 4244

One day we explored more inland and even though it is much more difficult to spot the wildlife and the fact that we did not see as much as on the river road we still had some nice sightings.

Our only leopard we saw the whole trip was sadly very shy to pose. 😦

Bots ihaha 4362

Bots ihaha 4369

And some more wildlife pics 🙂

Bots ihaha 4512

Bots ihaha 4466

Bots ihaha 4430

Bots ihaha 4413

Bots ihaha 4407

Bots ihaha 4398

Bots ihaha 4487

Bots ihaha 4173

The campsites at Ihaha is about 200m apart and wildlife roam free around and through the camp.

To break the flood of animal pics I include some campsite pictures before I swamp you again with more animal photos.

Bots ihaha

Bots ihaha 4456

Bots ihaha 4455

As always the sunsets were spectacular. We had to shoot some promotional pictures for the Helinox chairs and camping equipment we are distributing in South Africa through our new company 4campsa(website still in progress).

Bots ihaha 3

As promised our last bunch of wildlife pics.

Bots ihaha 4072

Bots ihaha 4121

Bots ihaha 4134

Bots ihaha 4055

Bots ihaha 4439

Bots ihaha 4465

I want to leave you with our breakfast with a view we had most mornings.

Bots ihaha 116

In the next post we will meet some sandy roads.

Our holiday trip turns into an adventure trip, and we camp where nobody has ever camped before.






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3 thoughts on “Botswana trip – Ihaha

  1. Tertius Wolfaardt

    WOW!! AWESOME fotos!!! 😃😃😃😃

  2. Frans

    Jip, julle laat ons lank wag vir elke post… maar moet sê elke post is die wag werd…. baie mooi fotos….

  3. Hannes Pretorius F/Glen

    Nou eers by al die fotos uitgekom. Uitstekend en baie mooi geneem. Veral die verskillende voëls. Well done!!!

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