Botswana trip – Kaziikini

After our mishap we had to spend a few days in Maun to get us back on track. Since we were skipping Savuti and Moremi we were looking for a campsite not too far from Maun since we needed to return in a few days.

We decided on Kaziikini which turned out to be a real gem.

Some pics of the great Riley’s hotel in Maun.

Botswana 4542

Botswana 4541

Botswana 4539

Botswana 4538

Botswana 4536

Botswana 4535

Botswana 4534

Botswana 4527

Kaziikini is a community run campsite and in the days we spend there we had the whole place for ourselves. Peace and quiet is the name of the game with regular visits from the Ellies and other animals.

The birdlife is second to none and many first time spots were recorded by Charmain.

Botswana 4544

Botswana 4545

Botswana 4549

Botswana 4550

The showers and toilets were of the open sky variety and an absolute pleasure to use.

Botswana 4551

Botswana 4553

Botswana 4554

Botswana 4558

We did drove one day to Moremi but did not see much in comparison to our camp spottings.

Botswana 4565

Botswana 4570

Botswana 4579

Botswana 4595

Botswana 4599

Botswana 4653

Botswana 4676

Botswana 4596

Botswana 4623

In the next post we will show a few more feathered friends around Kaziinkini and we will stay over at Thamalakhane lodge.

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One thought on “Botswana trip – Kaziikini

  1. Louis and Charmain, I love your blog, and all the wildlife photos. Truly excellent photography. I live in California, and enjoy your travels vicariously. Thank you for sharing your adventures and your wonderful photos.

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