Botswana trip – The End

Its been a year. Last year this time our trip has just ended. It was an unplanned end to a trip that left us wanting more of this beautiful country and its equally beautiful people. After our 5 blissful days without cellphone reception at Nxai pans we returned to civilisation in Nata. The first phone call I received was with the news that our good friend Theo has passed away. Theo was a huge Landy fan and our first Discovery was named after him (Theodore). Now, more than a year later and the hurt still flares up every now and then for a friend lost too early. No trip in future will happen without thoughts of Theo. Needless to say we cut our trip short and returned home skipping our stay at Kubu and Rhino sanctuary. Sure Theo would not have liked our Bots trip report to end on a sad note so lets rewind to our stay at Nxai pans.

The 30 odd kilometres from tar to camp takes about an hour to drive. It is some of the thickest sand we ever encountered. That being said, the stay at Nxai pans is worth every bump through that thick sand. The peacefulness of the camps under the huge trees and the abundance of bird and wildlife makes this a special place. Unfortunately we had a brief acquaintance with the pride of lions on our arrival but never saw them again. Enough jip-jap lets post some pictures.

Nxai 5231

Nxai 5242 

Nxai 5247 

Nxai 5258 

Nxai 5863 

Nxai 5494 

 Nxai 5381

Saw our first cheetahs on the trip albeit quite far away.

Nxai 5345

Nxai 5346 

 Nxai 5332

The Ellies often came to visit in camp and at our ablutions.

Nxai 5507

Nxai 5512 

Nxai 5516 

Nxai 5534  

Nxai 5540 

  Nxai 5519

Nxai 5523

You might have noticed the protection around the ablutions. This was needed to protect the water supplies from the Ellies.

Nxai 5780 Nxai 5778

Most of the action happened around the waterhole.

Nxai 5259

Nxai 5358 

Nxai 5488 

Nxai 5910 

Nxai 5887 

 Nxai 5919

Nxai 5311

We took the trip to Baines Baobab (had to replace a flat tyre in very awkward postion). Stunning place and next time we would like to camp there.

Nxai 5760


Nxai 5773 

Nxai 5755

Nxai 5761 

Nxai 5775 

Nxai 5759 

 Nxai 5752

Some more random pics taken in this 5 days.

Nxai 5651

Nxai 5681 

Nxai 5440 

Nxai 5497 

Nxai 5833 

Nxai 5581 

Nxai 5782 

 Nxai 5655

Nxai 5931 

Nxai 5632  

Nxai 5403 


What a wonderful experience. A year later and the yearning to return to Botswana is growing stronger every day. It is one of our most memorable trips ever encompassing many emotions from sadness to utter joy.

Cant wait to return.

Till next year Bots.

Chobe 4015


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4 thoughts on “Botswana trip – The End

  1. So sorry for your lost friend. Keep his memory alive by returning to beautiful places like these, thinking of him.

  2. fanie rossouw

    Dankie, en voorspoed,
    Groete fanie

  3. Marie Le Grange


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