Euro trip – The beginning

As stated in my previous post the following report is without Lani. We were asked by friends to join them on a boat cruise, and after a little deliberation we agreed. The last time we were on holiday with the Strydoms was more than 20 years ago.

I am not going spoil surprises by giving our whole itinerary, suffice to say we had some spectacular days and places we visited.

First off a warning. You will see many photos of old buildings of which I dont know the name or purpose, as well as many photos of blonds (also dont know their names). I have never seen so many good looking old buildings and pretty blonds in my life.

We landed in Copenhagen a day before we departed on our cruise and Charmain and I made the most of the time to see a little bit of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen 7782


We stayed at the AC Bella Sky hotel. A huge hotel with 814 rooms (biggest hotel in Scandinavia). The hotel is more than 75 metres high (restricted in height due to closeness of the airport).

I personally dont think it is a good looking building even though it is an impressive one. The buildings are built at an angle of 15 degrees and result in weird angles and views on photographs. It also don’t have any parallel sides,

Copenhagen 7784

Copenhagen 7790

Copenhagen 7792

Copenhagen 7793

Copenhagen 7794

Copenhagen 7795

The connecting bridge at the top is actually a sky bar (23rd floor) with some spectacular views.

I will post some more pics of this impressive building in other posts.

We hopped on the Metro train and started exploring Copenhagen.

Copenhagen 7798

Copenhagen 7789

Copenhagen 7802

Copenhagen 7803

Copenhagen 7804

Copenhagen 7810

Copenhagen 7815

Copenhagen 7818

Copenhagen 7819

Copenhagen 7821

We worked our way towards Frederiksberg palace and gardens. The park/garden is huge and very well kept.

It was the Royal family’s summer residence till the mid 19th century. Since 1869 it has housed the Royal Danish Military academy.

Copenhagen 7824

Copenhagen 7827

Copenhagen 7828

Copenhagen 7830

Copenhagen 7833

Copenhagen 7834

Copenhagen 7836

Copenhagen 7838

Copenhagen 7837

Copenhagen 7840

Copenhagen 7843

Copenhagen 7844

Copenhagen 7845

Copenhagen 7848

The park/garden is huge and very well kept.

After an exhausting day (first of many), we chilled in the lobby of the Bella.

Copenhagen 7854

In our next post we will board the MSC Opera and visit our 2nd of 7 countries.


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