Euro trip – Helsinki

Next stop Finland.

After ‘stalking’(according to Charmain) our tour guide for the day nicknamed ‘Die Rooikop’ (The redhead), we met up with the lovely Kathrin.

Wait, wait, wait.

Lets rewind a bit.

Before we explore Helsinki and pick berries on an island lets look at a few boat pictures.

Many people wanted to know more about the ship.

Our trip was on the MSC Opera.

It can take about 2700 guests is 251m long and weighs SNI(sorry no idea)

It is flippen high(for me) if one stands on the top deck, and the total height is apparently 54m.

All in all we had a blast on the ship. Spent many ours chatting, philosophising and solving all the problems in the world (solutions became much easier after a few Mai Tai’s).

The cabin was small and after a day or two one became accustomed to shower with a shower curtain stuck to your crack.

The bed was super comfy and the staff was amazing.

I will post more about the ship later since I know you want pikchas!!!!

Finland 8044

Finland 8046

Finland 8047

Finland 8049

Finland 8053

Finland 8042

Finland 8055

Finland 8056

Finland 8060

No we did not spend time next to the pool since we are used to much warmer weather before the clothes come off.

Finland 8063

Finland 8066

We did spend quite a few hours over here eating and drinking waayyy too much. (endless pizza every day from 12)

Finland 8067

Finland 8070

Finland 8069

Finland 8072

Finland 8073

OK lets get back to Helsinki.

Kathrin met up with us at the dock and we started our walk (dang this chick can walk).

As previously I snapped many pictures of buildings and people I dont know but found them either pretty or interesting.

Finland 8076

Finland 8082

Finland 8084

Finland 8087

Finland 8090

Finland 8092

Finland 8085

Finland 8093

After our first tram ride (and more walking) we arrived at the Helsinki senate square. A huge square surrounded by numerous old buildings including the University, Government palace and the landmark building Helsinki Cathedral.

The square came to existence in 1757 but the cathedral as we see it today was built in 1852.

Finland 8095

Finland 8096

Finland 8097

Finland 8099

Finland 8100

Finland 8101

Finland 8103

Finland 8105

Finland 8107

Finland 8108

The opening scene of the Darude video for the song Sandstorm was shot at the Helsinki Cathedral.

We walked down to the harbour to catch a boat to Vallisaari island.

Finland 8111

Finland 8112

Finland 8117


Finland 8118

Finland 8120

Finland 8123

Finland 8128

Finland 8131

Finland 8135

Finland 8138

Finland 8141

Finland 8143

Finland 8149

Finland 8150

Vallisaari only opened to the public in May 2016 and we felt privileged to be some of the first tourists to visit the island.

Kathrin had us tasting some very sour berries 🙂 while we were exploring this stunning island.

Vallisaari was a military occupied island and have a very interesting history.

I am not going to repeat the history since it is nicely summarised here:

Finland 8156

Finland 8159

Finland 8161

Finland 8166

Finland 8160

Finland 8164

Finland 8168

Finland 8157

Finland 8169

Finland 8187


Finland 8188

Finland 8191

Finland 8194

Finland 8204

Finland 8181

Finland 8205

Anton striking a pose 🙂

Finland 8206

Finland 8207

Finland 8216

Finland 8222

Finland 8226

A new Scandinavian kiosk erected for some snacks.

Finland 8223

After working up quite a sweat walking around the island we headed back to Helsinki.

Finland 8231

Finland 8232

Finland 8238

Finland 8241

Finland 8246

Finland 8248

Finland 8251

Finland 8257

Next stop a food market.

Finland 8255

Finland 8260

Finland 8261

Finland 8262

Finland 8263

Fresh Salmon.

Finland 8265

Bear and Reindeer meat.

Finland 8266

Finland 8267

Finland 8269

Kathrin made us taste some matured salmon on a piece of bread. Not my taste (then everybody knows I am full of c… when it comes to food) but everybody else seemed to enjoy it.

Finland 8271

Finland 8273

More my scene.

Finland 8274

Finland 8275

Finland 8276

Finland 8277

We took to the bustling streets again on our way to a very funky restaurant to have lunch.

Finland 8284

Finland 8286

Finland 8287

Finland 8290

Finland 8291

Finland 8292

Finland 8298

Finland 8300

Finland 8303

Finland 8304

Finland 8306

We had lunch at Restaurant Zetor.

Zetor is a tractor (actually a company that still exists ) and it was really cool to see the old tractors inside the restaurant.

You can also have a look around here:

Finland 8308

Finland 8309

Finland 8310

Finland 8312

Three lovely ladies.

Finland 8311

Anton had a reindeer dish.

Finland 8315

Charmain enjoyed her Salmon.

Finland 8316

Our awesome day in Finland with Kathrin came to an end 😦

Some last pics I snapped before we arrived back at the boat, totally knackered.

Finland 8323

Finland 8318

Finland 8325

You were warned about photos of blonds.

Finland 8327

Finland 8329

Our next day excursion will have to be more than one post since we just took too many pics for one post only.

It will also be one of the highlights of our trip.

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2 thoughts on “Euro trip – Helsinki

  1. Congratulations for Your Helsinki photos! They are crisp and well selected to present some highlights of Helsinki. Your ship is gorgeous. Did You know that we in Finland have built

    Allure of the Seas – world’s biggest cruise ship.

    Happy and safe travels!

  2. What a great post, so fun to see Helsinki through your eyes! 🤗

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