Euro trip – Tallinn (Part 2)

The old town of Tallinn with its cobblestone roads, narrow alleys and hidden little shops.

An explorers dream.

Obviously a place filled with tourists.

A place I would love to spend a night at to get lowlight photos of.

Maybe some day.

Tallin was founded in 1248 (jip 400 years before Jan Van Riebeeck landed in Cape Town) and is one of the oldest capitol cities in Europe.

Tallin is one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world.

Tallin 8760

Tallin 8763

Tallin 8762

Tallin 8764

Tallin 8768

Tallin 8765

Tallin 8770

Tallin 8771

Tallin 36

Pictures were everywhere ,even though it was in the middle of the day without optimal light.

Tallin 8774

Tallin 8775

Tallin 8776

Tallin 8779

Tallin 8780

Tallin 8782

Tallin 8783

Tallin 28

Tallin 33

Tallin 34

Tallin 8787

Tallin 8784

Tallin 8785

Tallin 8786

Still on our bicycles on the cobblestones (to the utter delight of Elfreda 🙂 )we made our way towards the town square.

Tallin 8790

Tallin 8791

Tallin 8793

Tallin 8794

Tallin 8795

Tallin 8797

Tallin 8798

Tallin 8800

Tallin 45

Tallin 18

Tallin 8

Tiiu left us here to explore the old town and have some drinks and a bite to eat.

Tallin 8802

Tallin 8803

Tallin 8804

Tallin 8805

Tallin 8806

Vinyl shop was unfortunately closed.

Tallin 8807

En toe word ons dors. (And then we got thirsty)

Tallin 8809

Tallin 8810

Tallin 6

Tallin 8815

Tallin 8820

Tallin 8816

After some more exploring we ended up at a very nice street cafe for lunch.

Tallin 8821

Tallin 16

The food and scenery were top class 🙂

Tallin 8829

Apologies but she is worth 2 pics 🙂

Tallin 8822

Tallin 8823

Back to other delicacies.

Tallin 8824

Tallin 8837

Tallin 8828

Tallin 8831 2

Some last exploring and a little shopping before we had to head back to the ship.

Tallin 8838

Tallin 8840

Tallin 8843

Tallin 8842

Tallin 8845

Tallin 8848

Tallin 8849

Tallin 8851

Tallin 8852

Tallin 8853

Tallin 8854

Tallin 8857

Tallin 8860


Tallin 5

Tallin 17

Tallin 21

Tallin 44

Tallin 48

Tallin 51

Tallin 8862

Tallin 8863

Tallin 8864

Tallin 8870

Tallin 8865

We were too lazy to ride back on our bikes to the ship. We decided to get ourselves two taxis to take us back.

Tallin 7

Tallin 11

Tallin 8866

Back at the harbour we had a last traditional Tallinn drink before we set food on deck for the last leg of our boat cruise back to Copenhagen.

Tallin 6861

Vana Tallinn is sooooo yummy and obviously unobtanium anywhere else 😦

Tallin 8875

Last pic of a beautifull Estonia girl. 

In our next post we will be painting Copenhagen red before we head to one of my top 5 bucket list destinations.

Tallin 8876

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One thought on “Euro trip – Tallinn (Part 2)

  1. birdlady612

    Again, beautiful photos. I love all of the stone both in the building and roads.

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