Euro trip – Copenhagen

A new year and a new post.

Still have not finished the report of our Euro trip (scandalous I know) but here is another flood of photos with sprinkles of info in between.

After disembarking from the ship we had 2 days to explore Copenhagen before getting on a plane for the next part of our trip. We really tried to squeeze in as much of Copenhagen as possible.

Copenhagen 8877

Copenhagen 8878

A quick stop to drool over some B&O tech.

Copenhagen 8879

Copenhagen 8880

Copenhagen 8883

Copenhagen 8886

Copenhagen 8894

We then took a sightseeing boat cruise, and even though the guides voice was not always loud enough (yes I am going deaf) it is still one of the best ways to see Copenhagen.

Copenhagen 8898

Copenhagen 8899

Copenhagen 8900

Copenhagen 8905

Copenhagen 8909

Copenhagen 8910

These very pretty clouds would later come and say Hi while on the boat.

Copenhagen 8911

Copenhagen 8913

Once again the architecture and contrast between old and new was just so awesome to see.

Copenhagen 8920

Copenhagen 8921

Copenhagen 8927

Copenhagen 8930

Copenhagen 8932

Copenhagen 8939

Copenhagen 8940

Copenhagen 8941

Copenhagen 8942

Copenhagen 8944

Copenhagen 8953

Copenhagen 8949

The famous little mermaid from Hans Christian Andersen being flooded by tourists.

Copenhagen 8955

This old powerplant is being converted into a ski-slope and should be finished by 2020.

Copenhagen 8958

 Copenhagen 8959

Copenhagen 8964

I had to play around and crop some of the symmetry in the buildings for some arty pics.

Copenhagen 8969

Copenhagen 8967

Copenhagen 8961

Copenhagen 8966

Copenhagen 8972

Some more spectacular buildings.

Copenhagen 8974

Copenhagen 8975

Copenhagen 8976

Copenhagen 8981

Copenhagen 8989

Copenhagen 8994

Copenhagen 8995

Copenhagen 8999

Copenhagen 9004

Copenhagen 9008

Copenhagen 9013

Copenhagen 9020

Did I mention the cute mommy that sat in front of us in the boat?

Copenhagen 9023

Copenhagen 9024

Copenhagen 9025

After getting off the boat it was time to grab some lunch. We decided to head in a direction to avoid the crowds and stumbled upon a quaint little square.

Copenhagen 9054

Copenhagen 9042

Copenhagen 9043

Copenhagen 9045

Copenhagen 9060

Copenhagen 9058

Copenhagen 9059

Copenhagen 9064

Copenhagen 9052

Copenhagen 9051

This tower we would visit the following day with more pictures and info then.

Copenhagen 9073

Copenhagen 9076

Copenhagen 9075

Headed back to the hotel to freshen up before exploring the picturesque harbour area.

Copenhagen 9081

Copenhagen 9086

Hans Christian Andersen store beneath his home.

Copenhagen 9091

 Copenhagen 9092

As the sun was getting lower the pictures and people got more.

Copenhagen 9098

Copenhagen 9102

Copenhagen 9101

Copenhagen 9109

Copenhagen 9103

Copenhagen 9110

Copenhagen 9112

The following morning we set off early to visit Rundetaarn tower, but first some more random pictures taken on our way there.

Copenhagen 9117

Copenhagen 9122

Copenhagen 9119

Cycling is a way of life/transport in Copenhagen with some pretty and interesting scenes.

Copenhagen 9128

Copenhagen 9130

 Copenhagen 9132

Copenhagen 9131

Copenhagen 9134

Copenhagen 9135

This optometrist used dolls to display his selection of glasses.

Copenhagen 9136

Copenhagen 9137

Copenhagen 9146

Copenhagen 9158

Eventually Rundetaarn (The round tower) opened for us and we were early enough to miss the crowds.

You get to the top with a spiral  floor that makes 7.5 turns around the hollow core.

Some interesting tidbits about this spiral floor. (pinched from wikipedia).

Notable ascents[edit]

  • In 1716, The Czar Peter the Great ascended the staircase on horseback while visiting Copenhagen. His wife, Catherine I, reportedly ascended behind him in a carriage.
  • In 1902, a Beaufort car was the first motorised vehicle to ascend this Round Tower.
  • A medal in the Round Tower’s collection of medals indicates that the first bicycle race held in the tower took place as early as 1888, possibly in connection with The Nordic exhibition of Industry, Agriculture, and Art.
  • In 1911, the newspaper Socialdemokraten arranged a bicycle race down the Round Tower.
  • In 1971, Ole Ritter won a bicycle race against Leif Mortensen up the Round Tower in a time of 55.3 seconds.
  • In 1993, Henrik Djernis won a bicycle race against Jens Veggerby in a time of 50.05 seconds.
  • In 1989, Thomas Olsen went up and down the Round Tower on a unicycle in 1 minute and 48.7 seconds, which is a world record.[6]

Copenhagen 9159

Thew view from the top.

Copenhagen 9160

Copenhagen 9166

Copenhagen 9171

Copenhagen 9169

Anton sitting on one of above mentioned privies.

Copenhagen 9170

On our way to our last stop for the day.

Copenhagen 9176

Copenhagen 9177

Copenhagen 9174

Copenhagen 9178

Copenhagen 9179

Tivoli gardens. but first some popcorn.

Copenhagen 9180

Copenhagen 9181

Copenhagen 9183

Copenhagen 9185

Copenhagen 9189

Copenhagen 9193

Copenhagen 9196

The garden is much better suited for parents with children that can enjoy all the rides, even though it is really pretty.

Copenhagen 9197

Copenhagen 9198

Copenhagen 9201

Copenhagen 9203

Copenhagen 9208

Copenhagen 9211

Copenhagen 9220

Copenhagen 9212

Copenhagen 9213

Copenhagen 9216

Copenhagen 9219

Copenhagen 9228

Copenhagen 9229

Copenhagen 9232

Heading back to our hotel.

Copenhagen 9235

Copenhagen 9237

In my next post I will tick of a bucket list visit that blew me away and was even better than I imagined. 

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