Euro trip – Norway (Part 1)

To work through close to 600 photos taken in about 3 days is not a joke.

To try and reduce the amount to acceptable levels for the Lani blog, is not a joke.

Am I complaining? Not at all.

Lets rewind a bit (OK a lot).

When the trip was planned initially we only thought about doing the boat portion of the trip. Anton then suggested we add a few days and fly over to Norway since seeing a Fjord was on his bucket list. It took absolute no convincing to make this happen since it has always been in my top 5 list of places to see.

The build up to this part of the trip was immense (for me anyway), and my biggest fear was that it would not live up to my fantasies. With the internet and millions of photos out there one can very easily see all the scenes in picture perfect weather making the real experience feeling like a let down.

The weather can also play a huge role and it is common knowledge that the weather can change within a wink in these knack of the woods.

Fortunately none of my fears came true and the highlight of our tour was just out of this world.

Please join me on a rollercoaster 3 days with sensory overload extreme, and please visit the website if you receive the mail. The pictures are much better on there.

We flew in late and only got to our hotel after midnight. We woke up to a very wet Bergen the next morning right next to the train station where our journey would begin.

Norway 9239

The Grand terminus is a real old world restored hotel which opened in 1928.

Norway 9240

Norway 9242

Norway 9245

Norway 9247

We picked up our train tickets early and went for a stroll around the hotel area waiting for our train to depart.

Norway 9251

Norway 9253

Norway 9256

Norway 9257

Norway 9258

Norway 9263

Norway 9265


Eventually it was time to leave the city. Problem was that scenes flashed by and trying to take a decent photo through the glass of the train was really difficult.

Norway 9274

Norway 2

Stepping onto the bus without any stops at the most scenic of drives was extremely painful for the photographer in me.

Driving the famous Stalheimskleiva that is only 1.7km long but with a gradient of 20% was just a little bit scary with the bus.

Check the link for more info.

Norway 9284

Norway 9286

Norway 9300

Planes, trains, busses and now waiting to board our boat.

Norway 9308

Norway 9313

Norway 9314

Our boat arriving.

Norway 9316

Norway 9317

I was falling in love with this country rapidly. The beauty of nature was beyond words and photographs, and once on the boat mother nature just smiled more on us.

Norway 9319

Spot the canoeists.

Norway 9321

Norway 9325

Norway 9326

Norway 9339

Norway 9329

Norway 9340

Norway 9348

Norway 9344

Norway 9350

Norway 9353

Norway 9357

Norway 9359

Norway 9364

Norway 9367

Norway 9371

Norway 9368

Norway 9373

For all our South African friends and family. Imagine sailing right next to a mountain higher than Table mountain in waters deeper than that height?

The small villages scattered around the coastline are just sooooo pretty.

Norway 9381

Norway 9383

Norway 9389

Norway 9390

The captain of the boat made a drive through at the famous Aurlandskoen shoe factory to get his new pair of shoes. (We did not disembark)

Norway 9391

Norway 9395

Our overnight village called Flåm loomed in the distance. We would sleep just beneath the waterfall.

Norway 9399

Norway 9401

Norway 9405

Norway 9408

Norway 9410

Norway 9412

Norway 9415

After disembarking we quickly escaped the tourists to find our overnight spot.

Norway 9416

Norway 9417

The women got directions and the information they got was that it was only about 700m to our destination. Turned out it was slightly further (more like 2.7km). 

Still an awesome stroll. 🙂

Norway 9419

Norway 9420

Norway 9422

Norway 9426

Got to the office and had to wait a few minutes to check in. Spot the bicycles, much better than walking.

Norway 9427

Norway 9431

Nope this is not where we would sleep over

Norway 9428

This is it. 🙂 Communal house (hostel) shared with some other families. The scenery once again was beautiful.

Norway 9448

Norway 9429

Norway 9446

Norway 9487

Norway 9494

Norway 9449

After dumping our stuff it was time to take the bicycles to explore the megapolis of Flåm with its  350 inhabitants.

Norway 9453

Norway 9455

Norway 9461

Norway 9462

Norway 9464

Norway 9465

Norway 9469

Norway 9470

Norway 9467

Norway 9475

Norway 9476

Norway 9477

Norway 9634

Norway 9479

After spending a very interesting night in the hostel the Strydoms decided to get us a rental to explore some more.

 Norway 9490

Hold on.

That is enough for now.

The rest of the photos are edited but lets hold on to them for part 2 of our Norway trip. 











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3 thoughts on “Euro trip – Norway (Part 1)

  1. Fa

    Dit is baie mooi. Ja ‘n mens kan jou hart verloor. Geniet dit.
    Groete van Swakopmund, fanie

    • Dankie Fanie waardeer die comment. Moet bieg Swakop is ook ‘n spesiale plek en moet weer daar kom kuier.

  2. fanie

    Laat weet maar as julle weer in Namibia kom. Ons hoof huis is in Windhoek. Mooi loop

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