Euro trip – Norway (Part 2)

As promised part two of our unforgettable few days in Norway.

We decided we need to see more of the area around Flåm and Elfreda and Anton organised us a renrtal to go and explore on our own.

Norway 9494

We were greeted with spectacular views soon after we left Flåm.

Norway 9497

Norway 9498

Norway 9499

Norway 9502

Norway 9509

Norway 9505

Norway 9501

Norway 9508

Norway 9500

Norway 9514

Norway 9517

Norway 9520

Norway 9519

We left the scenic fjords and were soon in high country with quite a chill in the air.


Norway 9532

Norway 9526

A completely different kind of beautifull greeted us.

Norway 9534

Norway 9539

Norway 9542

Norway 9544

Norway 9550

Norway 9553

Norway 9561

Norway 9568

Norway 9557

Norway 9563

Norway 9567

Found these restrooms that were completely off the grid.

Norway 9580

We dropped down from the harsh highlands to a lush green area that made you feel to pack up everything, buy a fix me upper and move there.

Norway 9581

Norway 9589

Norway 9598

Norway 9583

Norway 9602

Norway 9603

Norway 9604

Norway 9606

Norway 9605

Norway 9607

Norway 9609

Norway 9611

Norway 9612

Norway 9615

We were back in civilisation after a most spectacular drive through the countryside, and had some nice coffee and cake.

Norway 9619

Norway 9624

Norway 9626

We drove through the longest tunnel in Norway and definitely the longest one I have ever been in. It is called the Laerdal tunnel.

Picture courtesy of wikipedia.

Lærdalstunnelen Norway

Norway 9628

Exiting the tunnel we found ourselves back in Flåm where we needed to catch the train back to Bergen.

Norway 9629

Norway 9634

The Flamsbana does not claim to be one of the most beautiful train rides in the world without a reason.

It is also one of the steepest railways in the world, winding through 20 tunnels and making a brief stop at the Kjosfossen waterfall.

Norway 9652

Norway 9651

Norway 9636

Norway 9637

Norway 9640

Norway 9642

Norway 9646

Norway 9647


Norway 9649

With our time running out in Norway we tried to soak in and explore as much as possible before catching the plane back to Copenhagen.

Norway 9661

Norway 9662

Norway 9666

Norway 9667

Norway 9669

Norway 9670

Norway 9672

Norway 9674

Norway 9676

Norway 9678

Norway 9680

Norway 9681

Norway 9682

Norway 9684

Norway 9685

Norway 9689

Norway 9690

Norway 9694

Norway 9696

Norway 9699

Norway 9703

We had time for a last sightseeing experience when we went with a cableway up a mountain.

Norway 9706

The views were stunning after which we walked back to our hotel to catch a taxi and the plane.

Norway 9707

Norway 9724

Norway 9748

Norway 9752

Norway 9754

Norway 9759

Norway 9761

Norway 9765

Norway 9767

Norway 9768

Norway 9769

Norway was without a doubt the highlight of our trip for me and it stays on my bucketlist to revisit instead of ticking it off.

In an unexpected turn of events we visit another country before we head back to SA, but more about that later.


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2 thoughts on “Euro trip – Norway (Part 2)

  1. fanie

    Baie dankie.
    Wat is die volgende land wat julle beshoek het.
    Groete van Namibia

    • Haai Fanie, thanks vir die comment. Jong jy sal maar moet wag en kyk 🙂 Was net vir een dag gewees maar tog ‘n ondervinding.

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