Euro trip – Final (Malmö)

We had to say goodbye to our friends Anton and Elfreda on our return to Denmark from Norway. We had a blast of a time with them and the trip would not have happened without their nudge.

Thanks a stack and cant wait for this time next year when we will do our Botswana trip.

Charmain and I still had a day or two left before our flight back and after a slight miscalculation we ended up with a day to spend in another country.

We took the train to Malmö in Sweden for a day.

Malmö is a young city. By young I mean half the population is under 35 years of age, and this can be partly attributed to Malmö university.

Once again a beautiful city, with beautiful buildings and beautiful people.

Malmo 9777

Malmo 9772

Malmo 9780

Malmo 9783

Malmo 9784

Malmo 9787

At this stage of our trip we were totally at ease to get lost in a new city, exploring and enjoying every facet and scene the city good give us.

Malmo 9789

Malmo 9791

Malmo 9795

We had a nice bite to eat at this quaint little side street cafe.

Malmo 9802

Malmo 9804

Malmo 9809

Once again I was drawn to the Scandinavian furniture, with some lovely light simplistic pieces.

Malmo 9810

Malmo 9812

Malmo 9813

Malmo 9814

Malmo 9815

There is just something special about experiencing the sights, sounds and vibes of an unknown city and its people.

Malmo 9816

Malmo 9818

Malmo 9819

Malmo 9822

Malmo 9826

Malmo 9827

Quite nice seeing the facade of the building painted on the cloth covering the restoration of this building.

Malmo 9824

Malmo 9840

Malmo 9823

Malmo 9838

Malmo 9841

Aaahh time for another sightseeing boat cruise.

Malmo 9853

Malmo 9844

The non violence sculpture that was erected after the assassination of John Lennon. There are 16 copies of which ten are in Sweden.

We even have one in South Africa.

Malmo 9856

The old post office.

Malmo 9858

Malmo 9847

Apparently one or other Elvis Presley movie was shot on this boat.

Malmo 9859

Malmo 9863

Malmo 9865

The turning torso building.

Malmo 9867

Malmo 9869

Malmo 9870

Malmo 9871

Malmo 9874

Malmo 9877

Malmo 9878

Malmo 9885

Malmo 9886

Malmo 9887

Malmo 9892

Who knew Malmö had canals and Windmills. 

Malmo 9894

Malmo 9897

Malmö’s 1437 grant of arms.

Malmo 9901

Malmo 9896

Malmo 9902

For the gamers.

Malmo 9910

Malmo 9935

Some more beautiful people.

Malmo 9908

Malmo 9904

Malmo 9914

Malmo 9931

Malmo 9922

Malmo 9929

Malmo 9934

Malmo 9937

Sadly a very exhausting but exhilarating trip came to an end.

We had an absolute blast with our friends, and once again it would not have been possible or such an awesome trip without my better half.

Thanks babe.

In the pipeline is a post or two about our latest trip to the bush, but thanks for reading and following our Baltic trip.

Malmo 9776

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2 thoughts on “Euro trip – Final (Malmö)

  1. Tiiu Lukk

    Charmain and Louis, I have enjoyed traveling vicariously around the world with you for a few years now. Love your blog, and your photography is wonderful. I look forward to tagging along with you in cyberspace for some time to come. Thanks for sharing!

    • Tiiu, thanks a lot for the kind words and we are glad you are enjoying the blog. Make contact if you ever plan to visit Southern Africa.

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