Mapungubwe 2017

It has been too long.

Charmain and I needed a bush break and after more than 5 years we returned to Mapungubwe.

Our blog was not up at that stage but we did post a trip report here.

We had a wonderful time as we did the last time and even though some things did change most of the magic(and not so magic) stayed.

Many people always ask about equipment we used for our photographs etc. so I thought I would add some tidbits going forward.

For this trip we hired the Gimpro door mount and gimball head from Lensrent. It took me a day or so to get the hang of it but it beats my old trusty beanbag hands down.

The service from Anton at Lensrent was first class and I can really recommend his business.

Charmain only shot video during this trip and we plan to upload the video as soon as we tried our hand at video editing. (Might take a while)

I am uploading bigger pictures so please click on the photos in this post to get a much nicer picture.

Back to Mapungubwe.

We saw elephants every day as with our previous trip.

Mapungubwe 4747

The animals operate mostly between the river and the waterhole and that is exactly where most of the photos were taken.

Mapungubwe 4756

Mapungubwe 4782

Mapungubwe 4790

The waterhole was much bigger this time around with the added benefit of much more birds and animals including crocs.

Mapungubwe 4798

Mapungubwe 4799

It is always interesting to see the interaction between crocs and other animals coming to drink water.

Mapungubwe 4811

Mapungubwe 7048

Mapungubwe 4814

Mapungubwe 4813

Mapungubwe 7024

Mapungubwe 4821

Mapungubwe 4852

Mapungubwe 4832

The birdlife in and around the water was magical so please excuse the abundance of bird pictures.

Mapungubwe 4843

Mapungubwe 4988

Mapungubwe 5007

Lets get back to the Ellies. As mentioned we saw them every day and very close up. The peacefulness of these big animals is intoxicating.

Mapungubwe 4883

Mapungubwe 4890

Mapungubwe 4894

Mapungubwe 4904

Mapungubwe 4898

Mapungubwe 4911

The veld was dry and overgrazed (more about that later) in parts even though good rain fell recently.

Mapungubwe 4942

Mapungubwe 4949

Mapungubwe 5074

Mapungubwe 5786

Being in one place for more than a week helps in getting nice pictures, since you get to know where the animals and birds operate.

Mapungubwe 5038

Mapungubwe 5032

Mapungubwe 5043

Mapungubwe 5053

Mapungubwe 5057

Mapungubwe 5063

Mapungubwe 5066

We drove the eco 4×4 route again and even though portions were totally overgrown and inaccessible  the quietness and beautiful landscape still takes ones breath away.

Obviously with animals around to keep it interesting.

Mapungubwe 5083

Mapungubwe 5085

Mapungubwe 5107

Mapungubwe 5121

Mapungubwe 5144

Mapungubwe 5136

Mapungubwe 5146

Mapungubwe 5839

Mapungubwe 5869

Mapungubwe 5791

Mapungubwe 5848

Mapungubwe 5863

Mapungubwe 5856

The day we visited the eastern part of the park.

Mapungubwe 5873

Mapungubwe 5874

Mapungubwe 5875

Mapungubwe 5877

Mapungubwe 5880\Mapungubwe 5881

Mapungubwe 5887

Mapungubwe 5892

Mapungubwe 5895

Mapungubwe 5897

Mapungubwe 5900

Apologies for all the pics but to pick the best ones out of more than a1000 can be difficult 🙂

Mapungubwe 5904

Mapungubwe 5910

Mapungubwe 6885

Mapungubwe 6889

Mapungubwe 5916

Mapungubwe 6896

Mapungubwe 6899

Mapungubwe 6902

Mapungubwe 6905

Mapungubwe 6920

Mapungubwe 6930

Mapungubwe 6903

Mapungubwe 6936

Mapungubwe 6919

Mapungubwe 6955

Mapungubwe 6946

Mapungubwe 6937

Mapungubwe 6983

Mapungubwe 6962

Mapungubwe 5075 2

Mapungubwe 6977

Mapungubwe 6990

Mapungubwe 6994

Mapungubwe 7010

Mapungubwe 7031

Mapungubwe 7044

Mapungubwe 7010

One of the biggest troops of baboons I ever saw came to munch on some water lilies.

Mapungubwe 7054

Mapungubwe 7062

Mapungubwe 7079

Mapungubwe 7070

Mapungubwe 7065

Mapungubwe 7084

And then this beauty pitched up (Saddle billed stork)

Mapungubwe 7092

Mapungubwe 7112

Mapungubwe 7136

Mapungubwe 7145

Mapungubwe 7133

Mapungubwe 7153

A few more bird pics.

Mapungubwe 5131

Mapungubwe 5132

Mapungubwe 5808

Mapungubwe 7002

Nothing like parking in the veld and having a snack.

Mapungubwe 7180

Mapungubwe 7181

Charmain spotted this fish eagle and he was such a poser.

Mapungubwe 7191

Mapungubwe 7198

Mapungubwe 7222

Mapungubwe 7211

Back at the waterhole.

Mapungubwe 7232

Mapungubwe 7266

Mapungubwe 7300

Mapungubwe 7304

Mapungubwe 7322

Sitting in the hide, not much happening while the light is getting better.

What to do?

Well, I have never tried my hand at inflight bird photography and it is actually one of the weak points of the Tamron 150-600 (its lack of fast enough focusing and focus tracking).

I also did not have a gimball so had to shoot freehand.

I bumped the ISO (the 6d is forgiving with higher ISO) set my aperture at f8, maximum zoom(birds were quite far) and shot away.

I am quite happy with some of the results.

Mapungubwe 7253

Mapungubwe 7267

Mapungubwe 7275

Mapungubwe 7254

Mapungubwe 7277

Mapungubwe 7280

Mapungubwe 7287

Mapungubwe 7282

Mapungubwe 7293

Mapungubwe 7318

Too soon our time in the bush was over, and the sun was setting on a memorable time.

Mapungubwe 7329

Mapungubwe 7332

There are some things in Mapungubwe that still bothers, like the abundance of fences (without obvious purpose) that causes over grazing in certain parts. The thick wire against the Limpopo river. The overgrown state of some of the trails, and the lack of viewpoints on the riverbank.

In conclusion I would like thank my better half for an awesome time together in the bush.

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8 thoughts on “Mapungubwe 2017

  1. fanie

    Baie mooi.

  2. Beryl Venter

    Stunning photo’s!!! We were there in March and would love to go back next year.

  3. Awesome pics pappa, I am gonna HAVE to up my game with my pics now, especially with the in flight bird foudies. Well done!!! Can’t wait to see the bush again.

  4. Willem & Avril Snyman

    Geluk met die Cheetah. Interesante veranderinge wat jy laat aanbring het. Hoop jy geniet hom soos ons onsen geniet

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