So we took our Afrispoor Cheetah on its first outing to Almega Caravan park.

IMG 6067

Let me start off by saying we are not regretting the amount spent on this caravan for one moment.

Is it perfect?

For our purposes as close as you can get with a few small niggles that we already started to sort out.

IMG 6069

The biggest niggles were around the bunduawn. Even though it is supposed to be able to work without tent poles we found that is not the case. Even the slightest breeze plays havoc with it and we have made peace with the fact that poles will have to be used. The incorporated ropes are also a joke and we have already replaced them with proper ropes.I really think that David from Afrispoor need to design his own awning for afrispoor since there are comprises by trying to retrofit a current third party product to the Cheetah.

IMG 6071

Our funky bedding Charmain bought us.

IMG 6073

IMG 6075

IMG 6077

IMG 6081

IMG 6082

Time for some wine after spending waaayyy too much time setting up camp the first time with the new van.

IMG 6079

It was our first time at Almega and must confess that I am too scared to say too much about the place.

Reason being because it is an absolute gem and we hate sharing nice places like this 🙂

Some of the largest stands each with its own well thought out ablutions (no we still have not tested the shower in the caravan properly), super friendly staff and an awesome setting.

We were treated to some spectacular sunsets.

IMG 6104

IMG 6102

Almegas unique swimming pool built in the shape of an electric guitar.

IMG 6084

Relaxing while having an appetiser on the coals.

IMG 6100

We have already booked our next weekend at Almega to suss out the Cheetah more before our planned Botswana trip next year.

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