On my must-do list was some dune driving.

After being picked up in a Land Cruiser (that has been around the block, or is it over the dunes a few times) we set off in search of some dunes.

It was quite a ride to eventually arrive at the designated place where it can only be described as a touristy hotspot with peak hour traffic in the dunes. After about 15 minutes of storming dunes and blasting through very thick sand we parked on a dune to see the sun set. It was quite an adrenaline thrill.

I need to mention littering.

There are few things that get to me as much as littering. It was a shock to see the amount of littering in such an arid but beautiful desert landscape after stepping out of squeaky clean Dubai city centre.

After watching the sun set we were taken to an oasis to be entertained and dined.

It was very well organised and the belly dancer and male dancer were very entertaining.

I nearly fainted at the price of two Breezers (80 Durham for the two).

We got home very tired, but it was an experience I will never forget.


Our next experience in Dubai was another new development called La Mer. Apparently it is very popular late afternoon and at night. We were there early giving us the opportunity to grab some pics of a very photogenic place. I also had the privilege to drink a spectacular drink called a lollipop passion at a place called Sugar factory.


Following is a gallery of random pictures taken around LaMer.

What a spectacular place.

In our next post we will visit two guinness world record places.

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