Tertius and Carli decided to take us on a trip outside of the city after being totally overwhelmed by the city life.

Must confess it is definitely not the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen but still interesting and sure with time the barren landscape can grow on one like the Karoo do.  We had to stop for some pics on our way to Hatta.

We ended up at the Hata dam that was built in 1990 and is a popular place for some kayaking.

A really scenic place to visit.

This is the overflow side of the dam. Spot the campers.

It is quite a steep walk to reach the top of the dam wall.

But the views are spectacular to both sides.You can see our parked car and the campers to the right.
The boat gives an indication of the size of the dam.

The 80 meter high and 30 meter wide portraits of the late Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the late Shaikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum is impressive and a landmark in Hattas landscape.  More on the portrait here.

Carli took us to one of her favourite spots to photograph the skyline at tolerance bridge. It is difficult to exclude the constant development happening all over Dubai out of photographs. Small details caught our attention. On this specific walkway each planted tree had a weatherproof Bose speaker with soft classical music being played through it. (No nobody steals the speakers)

In our next post we will do some dune bashing and visit a place called La Mer.


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