Afrispoor Cheetahs maiden voyage.

So we took our Afrispoor Cheetah on its first outing to Almega Caravan park.

IMG 6067

Let me start off by saying we are not regretting the amount spent on this caravan for one moment.

Is it perfect?

For our purposes as close as you can get with a few small niggles that we already started to sort out.

IMG 6069

The biggest niggles were around the bunduawn. Even though it is supposed to be able to work without tent poles we found that is not the case. Even the slightest breeze plays havoc with it and we have made peace with the fact that poles will have to be used. The incorporated ropes are also a joke and we have already replaced them with proper ropes.I really think that David from Afrispoor need to design his own awning for afrispoor since there are comprises by trying to retrofit a current third party product to the Cheetah.

IMG 6071

Our funky bedding Charmain bought us.

IMG 6073

IMG 6075

IMG 6077

IMG 6081

IMG 6082

Time for some wine after spending waaayyy too much time setting up camp the first time with the new van.

IMG 6079

It was our first time at Almega and must confess that I am too scared to say too much about the place.

Reason being because it is an absolute gem and we hate sharing nice places like this 🙂

Some of the largest stands each with its own well thought out ablutions (no we still have not tested the shower in the caravan properly), super friendly staff and an awesome setting.

We were treated to some spectacular sunsets.

IMG 6104

IMG 6102

Almegas unique swimming pool built in the shape of an electric guitar.

IMG 6084

Relaxing while having an appetiser on the coals.

IMG 6100

We have already booked our next weekend at Almega to suss out the Cheetah more before our planned Botswana trip next year.



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Mapungubwe 2017 video

Hopefully the first of many videos of our forthcoming trips.

Still a lot to learn about this video editing thing.

1080 version here:

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Afrispoor Cheetah arrived

Abrie delivered our new adventure wagon yesterday.

Feeling so excited to pack it and set off on a camping trip.

Some pictures.

IMG 5031

IMG 5029

Our inside shower.

IMG 5026

Lots of packing space.

IMG 5024

IMG 5023

IMG 5021


IMG 5020

Huge bed. No more ladders.

IMG 5022

Love this thing.

IMG 5018


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7 years of memories leaving us.

The Conqueror that served us so well over 7 years have been sold.

I really hope Emma and Miles have as many awesome moments as we have had.

Leaving for the last time.

IMG 4790


IMG 4792



IMG 4793

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Mapungubwe 2017

It has been too long.

Charmain and I needed a bush break and after more than 5 years we returned to Mapungubwe.

Our blog was not up at that stage but we did post a trip report here.

We had a wonderful time as we did the last time and even though some things did change most of the magic(and not so magic) stayed.

Many people always ask about equipment we used for our photographs etc. so I thought I would add some tidbits going forward.

For this trip we hired the Gimpro door mount and gimball head from Lensrent. It took me a day or so to get the hang of it but it beats my old trusty beanbag hands down.

The service from Anton at Lensrent was first class and I can really recommend his business.

Charmain only shot video during this trip and we plan to upload the video as soon as we tried our hand at video editing. (Might take a while)

I am uploading bigger pictures so please click on the photos in this post to get a much nicer picture.

Back to Mapungubwe.

We saw elephants every day as with our previous trip.

Mapungubwe 4747

The animals operate mostly between the river and the waterhole and that is exactly where most of the photos were taken.

Mapungubwe 4756

Mapungubwe 4782

Mapungubwe 4790

The waterhole was much bigger this time around with the added benefit of much more birds and animals including crocs.

Mapungubwe 4798

Mapungubwe 4799

It is always interesting to see the interaction between crocs and other animals coming to drink water.

Mapungubwe 4811

Mapungubwe 7048

Mapungubwe 4814

Mapungubwe 4813

Mapungubwe 7024

Mapungubwe 4821

Mapungubwe 4852

Mapungubwe 4832

The birdlife in and around the water was magical so please excuse the abundance of bird pictures.

Mapungubwe 4843

Mapungubwe 4988

Mapungubwe 5007

Lets get back to the Ellies. As mentioned we saw them every day and very close up. The peacefulness of these big animals is intoxicating.

Mapungubwe 4883

Mapungubwe 4890

Mapungubwe 4894

Mapungubwe 4904

Mapungubwe 4898

Mapungubwe 4911

The veld was dry and overgrazed (more about that later) in parts even though good rain fell recently.

Mapungubwe 4942

Mapungubwe 4949

Mapungubwe 5074

Mapungubwe 5786

Being in one place for more than a week helps in getting nice pictures, since you get to know where the animals and birds operate.

Mapungubwe 5038

Mapungubwe 5032

Mapungubwe 5043

Mapungubwe 5053

Mapungubwe 5057

Mapungubwe 5063

Mapungubwe 5066

We drove the eco 4×4 route again and even though portions were totally overgrown and inaccessible  the quietness and beautiful landscape still takes ones breath away.

Obviously with animals around to keep it interesting.

Mapungubwe 5083

Mapungubwe 5085

Mapungubwe 5107

Mapungubwe 5121

Mapungubwe 5144

Mapungubwe 5136

Mapungubwe 5146

Mapungubwe 5839

Mapungubwe 5869

Mapungubwe 5791

Mapungubwe 5848

Mapungubwe 5863

Mapungubwe 5856

The day we visited the eastern part of the park.

Mapungubwe 5873

Mapungubwe 5874

Mapungubwe 5875

Mapungubwe 5877

Mapungubwe 5880\Mapungubwe 5881

Mapungubwe 5887

Mapungubwe 5892

Mapungubwe 5895

Mapungubwe 5897

Mapungubwe 5900

Apologies for all the pics but to pick the best ones out of more than a1000 can be difficult 🙂

Mapungubwe 5904

Mapungubwe 5910

Mapungubwe 6885

Mapungubwe 6889

Mapungubwe 5916

Mapungubwe 6896

Mapungubwe 6899

Mapungubwe 6902

Mapungubwe 6905

Mapungubwe 6920

Mapungubwe 6930

Mapungubwe 6903

Mapungubwe 6936

Mapungubwe 6919

Mapungubwe 6955

Mapungubwe 6946

Mapungubwe 6937

Mapungubwe 6983

Mapungubwe 6962

Mapungubwe 5075 2

Mapungubwe 6977

Mapungubwe 6990

Mapungubwe 6994

Mapungubwe 7010

Mapungubwe 7031

Mapungubwe 7044

Mapungubwe 7010

One of the biggest troops of baboons I ever saw came to munch on some water lilies.

Mapungubwe 7054

Mapungubwe 7062

Mapungubwe 7079

Mapungubwe 7070

Mapungubwe 7065

Mapungubwe 7084

And then this beauty pitched up (Saddle billed stork)

Mapungubwe 7092

Mapungubwe 7112

Mapungubwe 7136

Mapungubwe 7145

Mapungubwe 7133

Mapungubwe 7153

A few more bird pics.

Mapungubwe 5131

Mapungubwe 5132

Mapungubwe 5808

Mapungubwe 7002

Nothing like parking in the veld and having a snack.

Mapungubwe 7180

Mapungubwe 7181

Charmain spotted this fish eagle and he was such a poser.

Mapungubwe 7191

Mapungubwe 7198

Mapungubwe 7222

Mapungubwe 7211

Back at the waterhole.

Mapungubwe 7232

Mapungubwe 7266

Mapungubwe 7300

Mapungubwe 7304

Mapungubwe 7322

Sitting in the hide, not much happening while the light is getting better.

What to do?

Well, I have never tried my hand at inflight bird photography and it is actually one of the weak points of the Tamron 150-600 (its lack of fast enough focusing and focus tracking).

I also did not have a gimball so had to shoot freehand.

I bumped the ISO (the 6d is forgiving with higher ISO) set my aperture at f8, maximum zoom(birds were quite far) and shot away.

I am quite happy with some of the results.

Mapungubwe 7253

Mapungubwe 7267

Mapungubwe 7275

Mapungubwe 7254

Mapungubwe 7277

Mapungubwe 7280

Mapungubwe 7287

Mapungubwe 7282

Mapungubwe 7293

Mapungubwe 7318

Too soon our time in the bush was over, and the sun was setting on a memorable time.

Mapungubwe 7329

Mapungubwe 7332

There are some things in Mapungubwe that still bothers, like the abundance of fences (without obvious purpose) that causes over grazing in certain parts. The thick wire against the Limpopo river. The overgrown state of some of the trails, and the lack of viewpoints on the riverbank.

In conclusion I would like thank my better half for an awesome time together in the bush.

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Euro trip – Final (Malmö)

We had to say goodbye to our friends Anton and Elfreda on our return to Denmark from Norway. We had a blast of a time with them and the trip would not have happened without their nudge.

Thanks a stack and cant wait for this time next year when we will do our Botswana trip.

Charmain and I still had a day or two left before our flight back and after a slight miscalculation we ended up with a day to spend in another country.

We took the train to Malmö in Sweden for a day.

Malmö is a young city. By young I mean half the population is under 35 years of age, and this can be partly attributed to Malmö university.

Once again a beautiful city, with beautiful buildings and beautiful people.

Malmo 9777

Malmo 9772

Malmo 9780

Malmo 9783

Malmo 9784

Malmo 9787

At this stage of our trip we were totally at ease to get lost in a new city, exploring and enjoying every facet and scene the city good give us.

Malmo 9789

Malmo 9791

Malmo 9795

We had a nice bite to eat at this quaint little side street cafe.

Malmo 9802

Malmo 9804

Malmo 9809

Once again I was drawn to the Scandinavian furniture, with some lovely light simplistic pieces.

Malmo 9810

Malmo 9812

Malmo 9813

Malmo 9814

Malmo 9815

There is just something special about experiencing the sights, sounds and vibes of an unknown city and its people.

Malmo 9816

Malmo 9818

Malmo 9819

Malmo 9822

Malmo 9826

Malmo 9827

Quite nice seeing the facade of the building painted on the cloth covering the restoration of this building.

Malmo 9824

Malmo 9840

Malmo 9823

Malmo 9838

Malmo 9841

Aaahh time for another sightseeing boat cruise.

Malmo 9853

Malmo 9844

The non violence sculpture that was erected after the assassination of John Lennon. There are 16 copies of which ten are in Sweden.

We even have one in South Africa.

Malmo 9856

The old post office.

Malmo 9858

Malmo 9847

Apparently one or other Elvis Presley movie was shot on this boat.

Malmo 9859

Malmo 9863

Malmo 9865

The turning torso building.

Malmo 9867

Malmo 9869

Malmo 9870

Malmo 9871

Malmo 9874

Malmo 9877

Malmo 9878

Malmo 9885

Malmo 9886

Malmo 9887

Malmo 9892

Who knew Malmö had canals and Windmills. 

Malmo 9894

Malmo 9897

Malmö’s 1437 grant of arms.

Malmo 9901

Malmo 9896

Malmo 9902

For the gamers.

Malmo 9910

Malmo 9935

Some more beautiful people.

Malmo 9908

Malmo 9904

Malmo 9914

Malmo 9931

Malmo 9922

Malmo 9929

Malmo 9934

Malmo 9937

Sadly a very exhausting but exhilarating trip came to an end.

We had an absolute blast with our friends, and once again it would not have been possible or such an awesome trip without my better half.

Thanks babe.

In the pipeline is a post or two about our latest trip to the bush, but thanks for reading and following our Baltic trip.

Malmo 9776

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Euro trip – Norway (Part 2)

As promised part two of our unforgettable few days in Norway.

We decided we need to see more of the area around Flåm and Elfreda and Anton organised us a renrtal to go and explore on our own.

Norway 9494

We were greeted with spectacular views soon after we left Flåm.

Norway 9497

Norway 9498

Norway 9499

Norway 9502

Norway 9509

Norway 9505

Norway 9501

Norway 9508

Norway 9500

Norway 9514

Norway 9517

Norway 9520

Norway 9519

We left the scenic fjords and were soon in high country with quite a chill in the air.


Norway 9532

Norway 9526

A completely different kind of beautifull greeted us.

Norway 9534

Norway 9539

Norway 9542

Norway 9544

Norway 9550

Norway 9553

Norway 9561

Norway 9568

Norway 9557

Norway 9563

Norway 9567

Found these restrooms that were completely off the grid.

Norway 9580

We dropped down from the harsh highlands to a lush green area that made you feel to pack up everything, buy a fix me upper and move there.

Norway 9581

Norway 9589

Norway 9598

Norway 9583

Norway 9602

Norway 9603

Norway 9604

Norway 9606

Norway 9605

Norway 9607

Norway 9609

Norway 9611

Norway 9612

Norway 9615

We were back in civilisation after a most spectacular drive through the countryside, and had some nice coffee and cake.

Norway 9619

Norway 9624

Norway 9626

We drove through the longest tunnel in Norway and definitely the longest one I have ever been in. It is called the Laerdal tunnel.

Picture courtesy of wikipedia.

Lærdalstunnelen Norway

Norway 9628

Exiting the tunnel we found ourselves back in Flåm where we needed to catch the train back to Bergen.

Norway 9629

Norway 9634

The Flamsbana does not claim to be one of the most beautiful train rides in the world without a reason.

It is also one of the steepest railways in the world, winding through 20 tunnels and making a brief stop at the Kjosfossen waterfall.

Norway 9652

Norway 9651

Norway 9636

Norway 9637

Norway 9640

Norway 9642

Norway 9646

Norway 9647


Norway 9649

With our time running out in Norway we tried to soak in and explore as much as possible before catching the plane back to Copenhagen.

Norway 9661

Norway 9662

Norway 9666

Norway 9667

Norway 9669

Norway 9670

Norway 9672

Norway 9674

Norway 9676

Norway 9678

Norway 9680

Norway 9681

Norway 9682

Norway 9684

Norway 9685

Norway 9689

Norway 9690

Norway 9694

Norway 9696

Norway 9699

Norway 9703

We had time for a last sightseeing experience when we went with a cableway up a mountain.

Norway 9706

The views were stunning after which we walked back to our hotel to catch a taxi and the plane.

Norway 9707

Norway 9724

Norway 9748

Norway 9752

Norway 9754

Norway 9759

Norway 9761

Norway 9765

Norway 9767

Norway 9768

Norway 9769

Norway was without a doubt the highlight of our trip for me and it stays on my bucketlist to revisit instead of ticking it off.

In an unexpected turn of events we visit another country before we head back to SA, but more about that later.


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Euro trip – Norway (Part 1)

To work through close to 600 photos taken in about 3 days is not a joke.

To try and reduce the amount to acceptable levels for the Lani blog, is not a joke.

Am I complaining? Not at all.

Lets rewind a bit (OK a lot).

When the trip was planned initially we only thought about doing the boat portion of the trip. Anton then suggested we add a few days and fly over to Norway since seeing a Fjord was on his bucket list. It took absolute no convincing to make this happen since it has always been in my top 5 list of places to see.

The build up to this part of the trip was immense (for me anyway), and my biggest fear was that it would not live up to my fantasies. With the internet and millions of photos out there one can very easily see all the scenes in picture perfect weather making the real experience feeling like a let down.

The weather can also play a huge role and it is common knowledge that the weather can change within a wink in these knack of the woods.

Fortunately none of my fears came true and the highlight of our tour was just out of this world.

Please join me on a rollercoaster 3 days with sensory overload extreme, and please visit the website if you receive the mail. The pictures are much better on there.

We flew in late and only got to our hotel after midnight. We woke up to a very wet Bergen the next morning right next to the train station where our journey would begin.

Norway 9239

The Grand terminus is a real old world restored hotel which opened in 1928.

Norway 9240

Norway 9242

Norway 9245

Norway 9247

We picked up our train tickets early and went for a stroll around the hotel area waiting for our train to depart.

Norway 9251

Norway 9253

Norway 9256

Norway 9257

Norway 9258

Norway 9263

Norway 9265


Eventually it was time to leave the city. Problem was that scenes flashed by and trying to take a decent photo through the glass of the train was really difficult.

Norway 9274

Norway 2

Stepping onto the bus without any stops at the most scenic of drives was extremely painful for the photographer in me.

Driving the famous Stalheimskleiva that is only 1.7km long but with a gradient of 20% was just a little bit scary with the bus.

Check the link for more info.

Norway 9284

Norway 9286

Norway 9300

Planes, trains, busses and now waiting to board our boat.

Norway 9308

Norway 9313

Norway 9314

Our boat arriving.

Norway 9316

Norway 9317

I was falling in love with this country rapidly. The beauty of nature was beyond words and photographs, and once on the boat mother nature just smiled more on us.

Norway 9319

Spot the canoeists.

Norway 9321

Norway 9325

Norway 9326

Norway 9339

Norway 9329

Norway 9340

Norway 9348

Norway 9344

Norway 9350

Norway 9353

Norway 9357

Norway 9359

Norway 9364

Norway 9367

Norway 9371

Norway 9368

Norway 9373

For all our South African friends and family. Imagine sailing right next to a mountain higher than Table mountain in waters deeper than that height?

The small villages scattered around the coastline are just sooooo pretty.

Norway 9381

Norway 9383

Norway 9389

Norway 9390

The captain of the boat made a drive through at the famous Aurlandskoen shoe factory to get his new pair of shoes. (We did not disembark)

Norway 9391

Norway 9395

Our overnight village called Flåm loomed in the distance. We would sleep just beneath the waterfall.

Norway 9399

Norway 9401

Norway 9405

Norway 9408

Norway 9410

Norway 9412

Norway 9415

After disembarking we quickly escaped the tourists to find our overnight spot.

Norway 9416

Norway 9417

The women got directions and the information they got was that it was only about 700m to our destination. Turned out it was slightly further (more like 2.7km). 

Still an awesome stroll. 🙂

Norway 9419

Norway 9420

Norway 9422

Norway 9426

Got to the office and had to wait a few minutes to check in. Spot the bicycles, much better than walking.

Norway 9427

Norway 9431

Nope this is not where we would sleep over

Norway 9428

This is it. 🙂 Communal house (hostel) shared with some other families. The scenery once again was beautiful.

Norway 9448

Norway 9429

Norway 9446

Norway 9487

Norway 9494

Norway 9449

After dumping our stuff it was time to take the bicycles to explore the megapolis of Flåm with its  350 inhabitants.

Norway 9453

Norway 9455

Norway 9461

Norway 9462

Norway 9464

Norway 9465

Norway 9469

Norway 9470

Norway 9467

Norway 9475

Norway 9476

Norway 9477

Norway 9634

Norway 9479

After spending a very interesting night in the hostel the Strydoms decided to get us a rental to explore some more.

 Norway 9490

Hold on.

That is enough for now.

The rest of the photos are edited but lets hold on to them for part 2 of our Norway trip. 











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Euro trip – Copenhagen

A new year and a new post.

Still have not finished the report of our Euro trip (scandalous I know) but here is another flood of photos with sprinkles of info in between.

After disembarking from the ship we had 2 days to explore Copenhagen before getting on a plane for the next part of our trip. We really tried to squeeze in as much of Copenhagen as possible.

Copenhagen 8877

Copenhagen 8878

A quick stop to drool over some B&O tech.

Copenhagen 8879

Copenhagen 8880

Copenhagen 8883

Copenhagen 8886

Copenhagen 8894

We then took a sightseeing boat cruise, and even though the guides voice was not always loud enough (yes I am going deaf) it is still one of the best ways to see Copenhagen.

Copenhagen 8898

Copenhagen 8899

Copenhagen 8900

Copenhagen 8905

Copenhagen 8909

Copenhagen 8910

These very pretty clouds would later come and say Hi while on the boat.

Copenhagen 8911

Copenhagen 8913

Once again the architecture and contrast between old and new was just so awesome to see.

Copenhagen 8920

Copenhagen 8921

Copenhagen 8927

Copenhagen 8930

Copenhagen 8932

Copenhagen 8939

Copenhagen 8940

Copenhagen 8941

Copenhagen 8942

Copenhagen 8944

Copenhagen 8953

Copenhagen 8949

The famous little mermaid from Hans Christian Andersen being flooded by tourists.

Copenhagen 8955

This old powerplant is being converted into a ski-slope and should be finished by 2020.

Copenhagen 8958

 Copenhagen 8959

Copenhagen 8964

I had to play around and crop some of the symmetry in the buildings for some arty pics.

Copenhagen 8969

Copenhagen 8967

Copenhagen 8961

Copenhagen 8966

Copenhagen 8972

Some more spectacular buildings.

Copenhagen 8974

Copenhagen 8975

Copenhagen 8976

Copenhagen 8981

Copenhagen 8989

Copenhagen 8994

Copenhagen 8995

Copenhagen 8999

Copenhagen 9004

Copenhagen 9008

Copenhagen 9013

Copenhagen 9020

Did I mention the cute mommy that sat in front of us in the boat?

Copenhagen 9023

Copenhagen 9024

Copenhagen 9025

After getting off the boat it was time to grab some lunch. We decided to head in a direction to avoid the crowds and stumbled upon a quaint little square.

Copenhagen 9054

Copenhagen 9042

Copenhagen 9043

Copenhagen 9045

Copenhagen 9060

Copenhagen 9058

Copenhagen 9059

Copenhagen 9064

Copenhagen 9052

Copenhagen 9051

This tower we would visit the following day with more pictures and info then.

Copenhagen 9073

Copenhagen 9076

Copenhagen 9075

Headed back to the hotel to freshen up before exploring the picturesque harbour area.

Copenhagen 9081

Copenhagen 9086

Hans Christian Andersen store beneath his home.

Copenhagen 9091

 Copenhagen 9092

As the sun was getting lower the pictures and people got more.

Copenhagen 9098

Copenhagen 9102

Copenhagen 9101

Copenhagen 9109

Copenhagen 9103

Copenhagen 9110

Copenhagen 9112

The following morning we set off early to visit Rundetaarn tower, but first some more random pictures taken on our way there.

Copenhagen 9117

Copenhagen 9122

Copenhagen 9119

Cycling is a way of life/transport in Copenhagen with some pretty and interesting scenes.

Copenhagen 9128

Copenhagen 9130

 Copenhagen 9132

Copenhagen 9131

Copenhagen 9134

Copenhagen 9135

This optometrist used dolls to display his selection of glasses.

Copenhagen 9136

Copenhagen 9137

Copenhagen 9146

Copenhagen 9158

Eventually Rundetaarn (The round tower) opened for us and we were early enough to miss the crowds.

You get to the top with a spiral  floor that makes 7.5 turns around the hollow core.

Some interesting tidbits about this spiral floor. (pinched from wikipedia).

Notable ascents[edit]

  • In 1716, The Czar Peter the Great ascended the staircase on horseback while visiting Copenhagen. His wife, Catherine I, reportedly ascended behind him in a carriage.
  • In 1902, a Beaufort car was the first motorised vehicle to ascend this Round Tower.
  • A medal in the Round Tower’s collection of medals indicates that the first bicycle race held in the tower took place as early as 1888, possibly in connection with The Nordic exhibition of Industry, Agriculture, and Art.
  • In 1911, the newspaper Socialdemokraten arranged a bicycle race down the Round Tower.
  • In 1971, Ole Ritter won a bicycle race against Leif Mortensen up the Round Tower in a time of 55.3 seconds.
  • In 1993, Henrik Djernis won a bicycle race against Jens Veggerby in a time of 50.05 seconds.
  • In 1989, Thomas Olsen went up and down the Round Tower on a unicycle in 1 minute and 48.7 seconds, which is a world record.[6]

Copenhagen 9159

Thew view from the top.

Copenhagen 9160

Copenhagen 9166

Copenhagen 9171

Copenhagen 9169

Anton sitting on one of above mentioned privies.

Copenhagen 9170

On our way to our last stop for the day.

Copenhagen 9176

Copenhagen 9177

Copenhagen 9174

Copenhagen 9178

Copenhagen 9179

Tivoli gardens. but first some popcorn.

Copenhagen 9180

Copenhagen 9181

Copenhagen 9183

Copenhagen 9185

Copenhagen 9189

Copenhagen 9193

Copenhagen 9196

The garden is much better suited for parents with children that can enjoy all the rides, even though it is really pretty.

Copenhagen 9197

Copenhagen 9198

Copenhagen 9201

Copenhagen 9203

Copenhagen 9208

Copenhagen 9211

Copenhagen 9220

Copenhagen 9212

Copenhagen 9213

Copenhagen 9216

Copenhagen 9219

Copenhagen 9228

Copenhagen 9229

Copenhagen 9232

Heading back to our hotel.

Copenhagen 9235

Copenhagen 9237

In my next post I will tick of a bucket list visit that blew me away and was even better than I imagined. 

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Euro trip – Tallinn (Part 2)

The old town of Tallinn with its cobblestone roads, narrow alleys and hidden little shops.

An explorers dream.

Obviously a place filled with tourists.

A place I would love to spend a night at to get lowlight photos of.

Maybe some day.

Tallin was founded in 1248 (jip 400 years before Jan Van Riebeeck landed in Cape Town) and is one of the oldest capitol cities in Europe.

Tallin is one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world.

Tallin 8760

Tallin 8763

Tallin 8762

Tallin 8764

Tallin 8768

Tallin 8765

Tallin 8770

Tallin 8771

Tallin 36

Pictures were everywhere ,even though it was in the middle of the day without optimal light.

Tallin 8774

Tallin 8775

Tallin 8776

Tallin 8779

Tallin 8780

Tallin 8782

Tallin 8783

Tallin 28

Tallin 33

Tallin 34

Tallin 8787

Tallin 8784

Tallin 8785

Tallin 8786

Still on our bicycles on the cobblestones (to the utter delight of Elfreda 🙂 )we made our way towards the town square.

Tallin 8790

Tallin 8791

Tallin 8793

Tallin 8794

Tallin 8795

Tallin 8797

Tallin 8798

Tallin 8800

Tallin 45

Tallin 18

Tallin 8

Tiiu left us here to explore the old town and have some drinks and a bite to eat.

Tallin 8802

Tallin 8803

Tallin 8804

Tallin 8805

Tallin 8806

Vinyl shop was unfortunately closed.

Tallin 8807

En toe word ons dors. (And then we got thirsty)

Tallin 8809

Tallin 8810

Tallin 6

Tallin 8815

Tallin 8820

Tallin 8816

After some more exploring we ended up at a very nice street cafe for lunch.

Tallin 8821

Tallin 16

The food and scenery were top class 🙂

Tallin 8829

Apologies but she is worth 2 pics 🙂

Tallin 8822

Tallin 8823

Back to other delicacies.

Tallin 8824

Tallin 8837

Tallin 8828

Tallin 8831 2

Some last exploring and a little shopping before we had to head back to the ship.

Tallin 8838

Tallin 8840

Tallin 8843

Tallin 8842

Tallin 8845

Tallin 8848

Tallin 8849

Tallin 8851

Tallin 8852

Tallin 8853

Tallin 8854

Tallin 8857

Tallin 8860


Tallin 5

Tallin 17

Tallin 21

Tallin 44

Tallin 48

Tallin 51

Tallin 8862

Tallin 8863

Tallin 8864

Tallin 8870

Tallin 8865

We were too lazy to ride back on our bikes to the ship. We decided to get ourselves two taxis to take us back.

Tallin 7

Tallin 11

Tallin 8866

Back at the harbour we had a last traditional Tallinn drink before we set food on deck for the last leg of our boat cruise back to Copenhagen.

Tallin 6861

Vana Tallinn is sooooo yummy and obviously unobtanium anywhere else 😦

Tallin 8875

Last pic of a beautifull Estonia girl. 

In our next post we will be painting Copenhagen red before we head to one of my top 5 bucket list destinations.

Tallin 8876

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