About this site

Lani is the name given to our latest Landy and we hope to have many adventurous travels with her.

Charmain and I have been on quite a few ‘adventures’ but have never consolidated our travels in one place.

This will be an attempt to share it with all our friends and family as well as anybody that wants to follow our travels.




Recent Posts

  • Botswana 2018 – The start of an awesome trip.

    This trip has been 12 years in the making and started off in completely the wrong way, but lets start at the beginning. Old friends of ours Elfreda and Anton were always keen on doing a Botswana trip with us and as early as 2006 we started discussing it over email. The planets just never […]

  • Dubai. Buildings, shops and good bye Dubai.

    This will be our last post about the awesome time we had in Dubai. No travel blog about Dubai will be complete without saying something about the buildings and the shops. It goes without saying that the largest mall on the planet will be in Dubai and appropriately called The Mall of Dubai. With more […]

  • Dubai. Desert heaven to last exit.

    When we arrived in Dubai, Carli gave us a little booklet highlighting what we would do every day. The only day that had no entry was the 14th of Feb. The entry in our little booklets just stated ‘Surprise’, and boy what a surprise. We left on another road trip and after a long drive […]

  • Dubai. Two world record places.

    One of the things that Dubai is known for is its claim to have the highest building in the world. The height of the Burj Khalifa can never be captured in a photo. Not that it will stop people (including Charmain and I) from trying. The numbers here on wikipedia is mind blowing and a […]

  • Dubai. Dune bashing & LaMer

    On my must-do list was some dune driving. After being picked up in a Land Cruiser (that has been around the block, or is it over the dunes a few times) we set off in search of some dunes. It was quite a ride to eventually arrive at the designated place where it can only […]